B2B Sales Leads Negotiations? You Can Do It Like A Pro


B2B Sales Leads Negotiations You Can Do It Like A Pro_DONEAdmit it, negotiations with B2B sales leads in Australia can be a hair-raising experience for some of us in the B2B appointment setting game. You might be lucky with your business prospects, you might be not. But what really makes all the difference here is you. As the marketer, it is your job to convince your prospects of your importance, of how your business offer can be the solution that they are looking for. Sure, negotiating with them can be tricky, especially if you are new to this, but it is a necessity. You just have to know how to pull it off. And there are several ways for marketers like you to do it.

One, you try to get your prospects to become your partners. Nothing can be more attractive to potential B2B leads than to become a partner with a potentially profitable company (in other words, you). You know just how beneficial that would be for your company, since this would create a more cooperative atmosphere for them.

It would be great if you can sit with your prospects on the same side of the table. In this way, you can lessen the feeling of antagonism by the other party. It also promotes greater cooperation between you and them in terms of problems and issues that your B2B leads are facing in their business operations. You might want to consider this tactic if you are trying to get right to the bottom of the problem.

Next, depersonalize the problem. It should not be ‘your problem is’. Rather, the ideal approach would be ‘the problem is’. It removes the sense that it is the prospect’s fault that they have this issue in the first place. Another aspect to depersonalize would be your positioning. Usually, we would present our offer like ‘my solution’ or ‘our answer’, but that is putting your identity into the offer. Remember, you want your prospects to own the solution, to make it their own. Depersonalize your statements then.

An additional tip would be to figure out the ‘why’ behind every ‘what’ that your prospects need. There is always a reason behind everything they tell you. In case you are B2B telemarketing to communicate with them, use that to your advantage. Find out the truth, ask them questions, and use the information obtained to create a better offer.

It also helps if you have an objective standard or reference point to bolster your claims. For example, you might say that you are the best marketing firm in Australia, make sure that you have the standards or the statistics to back you up. Otherwise, your prospects will just think that you are exaggerating, which would not be good for you.

Last, but definitely not the least, always have a back-up plan ready. Markets tastes and trends change, never forget that. If you are sticking to only one B2B lead generation plan, then you are bound to fail. If you want to be more effective in your B2B sales leads marketing efforts, you should have one or two extra plans in place.

That is how lead generation is done here in Australia.