The Four P’s Of Sales Leads Nurturing


For a business to successfully generate qualified sales leads, a little nurturing of the relationship is in order. Remember that lead generation can be a slow process, one that can take months to successfully complete. But if the B2B leads are nurtured enough, these can be easily converted into a sale or business deal. Still, that is where the challenge is – how do you properly nurture leads? This is not just some relationship-building activity that your company can do at times. This is a process, with each step meant to reach the next level.

To do that right, you ought to take note of the four P’s of lead nurturing:

Permission – remember, gone are the days when you can just push your product to the faces of your prospects. You have to ask their permission before you start sending emails or business literature.

Preferences – this is important for your appointment setting team to glean, since what your prospects prefer (their likes and dislikes about a certain service or solution) will affect the overall sales pitch of your telemarketing team.

Personalization – when marketing to individual business prospects, always make sure that you talk to them at an individual level. This means personalizing your message, asking them how the business is, as well as tailoring your content to fit the tastes of your recipients.

Pull – you use the information you have gleaned about your prospects in crafting relevant content and call for action. When done right, this will compel audience to follow you, basically ‘pulling’ them to your direction.

Follow the four P’s, and your lead generation campaign will be just fine.