How Do You Know You Need A New Appointment Setting Campaign_DONE

How Do You Know You Need A New Appointment Setting Campaign?


How Do You Know You Need A New Appointment Setting Campaign_DONE

This is a question that has left a lot of marketers scratching their heads. And it is a good question. How does one know when to begin a new appointment setting campaign?

After all, when it comes to such campaigns, you need to be sure that you are not creating a glut in the sales pipeline, essentially making it more difficult for your marketing team to convert sales leads into actual business deal. You also do not want to be too slow that there are periods of sales droughts in your funnel. Just to be sure, you need to keep an eye on five key indicators that you have to restart or revamp your lead generation efforts.

  1. Lack of prospects to nurture – looking at your calendar, you might notice large patches of empty days, where there are no potential B2B leads for your telemarketing team to contact or nurture. When this occurs too often consecutively, it either means your current source of customers have dried up or your sales team has become slower. See where you can improve your numbers.
  2. You have no ready replacement for a lost client – yes, it can be painful to lose a client, but it could even be more painful to you if you do not have a ready replacement for the one you have lost. It is a huge loss for your profits when a client leaves you, so you need to make sure that you have a sufficient buffer to deal with the loss, or you have to have a new source of income for your firm. Either ways, you have to ensure that everything is working properly.
  3. Your deals are getting stalled – all right, while this is expected when nurturing B2B leads, if it happens too often for comfort, then you might have to take a closer look at your lead qualification process. Sometimes, being too strict on a certain opportunity can be more costly than taking it in and turning them into a business client. It may also be possible that the business leads you are generating are not the right fit for your company.
  4. There are too many small deals – all right, we all know how profitable niche marketing can be, tapping into small clients to capture a greater share of the market, but there is a reason why bigger is better. The cost of producing the same products or services spread over multiple clients is usually greater than the cost of providing the needs of only one customer. So, you might want to take a second look over those small deals that look so tempting to close.
  5. The market is saturated with your business – there is a saying that goes like this: ‘having too much of a good thing’. Sure, it is nice to get a bigger share of the market, but saturating it with your customers will not do well for you in the long run. There is such a term as ‘product fatigue’ which never does well for a company when it happens. Try looking for other markets to enter.

If you see any of these signs of your business, then it really is time for you to do some overhaul in your appointment setting campaign.

Present To Impress B2B Leads In Australia

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Present To Impress B2B Leads In Australia_DONEThis is something very important for companies in Australia. Converting B2B leads into a sale or closed deal is the culmination of months of nurturing sales leads, as well as negotiations done through your lead generation team. Regardless of what communication method you first used to contact prospects, be it through telemarketing or social media, the bottom line is in the negotiating part of your campaign. In order to grab the prospect’s attention, you need a good presentation.

The secret to a good, even an excellent, business presentation to business prospects lies with the stories you use. Let us face it, people are suckers for a good story. If you can craft your business proposal around an engaging narrative, you are halfway towards your mark.

Images are good, as long as it emphasizes the point you are making. Sure, pictures can liven up the conversation, and help attract attention, but if it deviates from the topic you want to discuss, then it is a useless distraction. You should choose your images well or, better yet, concentrate on your topic.

Content is still the king, make no mistake about that. You may be enthusiastic and engaging as a speaker, but if what you say carries no substance, then your listeners will not get it. All your efforts during the appointment setting phase will all go to waste.

These three are the basics of a good presentation. The rest is entirely up to you, since you are the speaker. Be sure to have a good content to share, so that your lead generation campaign will succeed.

Want To Create Lead Generation Networks In Australia? Step Out

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Want To Create Lead Generation Networks In Australia_Step OutOne important factor that makes it possible for companies in Australia to success is in the business networks that you create. The power of social media has made it possible for companies to gather the business leads they need from their contacts. Of course, there are areas of opportunities in this method of lead generation. Among these is in the network creation in itself. When it comes to effectively creating networks, sometimes, stepping out of the social media game is necessary. In other words, you need to do it in person. That is where the fun part comes in.

How will you do that?

For example, you can attend seminars and forums. Not only will you learn something from speakers there, you can also interact with the other attendees. Who knows, they might be good candidates for your appointment setting campaign.

Another thing you can do is to stop by a coffee shop. If you can do your work there, then do so. While you are at it, talk to the people who stop by and buy a drink. You can meet a lot of interesting personalities there, not to mention getting some inspiration that you can use to your work.

You can also use your existing friends as networks. A little old-school networking can do wonders in getting you in touch with others of similar interests and industry with you. You might get lucky in helping your telemarketing team in.

Really, there are a lot of lead generation opportunities in Australia, if you are willing to network outside the usual social media.

Anne Hathaway And Les Miserables: Lead Generation Lessons Gleaned

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Anne Hathaway And Les Miserables: Lead Generation Lessons Gleaned

Watching Les Miserables a couple of weeks ago is a good reason for me to forget almost all the details about it. But, if I am to recall that one truly memorable scene, then it has to be that of Anne Hathaway’s performance as the tragic Fantine. Sure, her role is pretty short in the film, but her performance has been seared indelibly in my mind. That is what I call impressive. And that is also something that you can use in your lead generation planning. Keep in mind; you do not have to advertise much to generate sales leads. It is possible if you know the key.

That key is your performance. Like in Hathaway’s performance, it has to be striking, bold, as well as strong. Yes, it is short, but the goal has been achieved – the audience has been captured. And you can emulate that as well. Basically speaking, you need to perform at your best, no matter what stage you are in your B2B leads generation. Even if you are just starting in your appointment setting campaign, or in the middle of your telemarketing attempts, you need to be doing it like it is your last. Bring out your best performance, and you will gradually see the results coming in.

Just remember that you are in the business of generating sales leads, where it takes time to engage prospects and get the B2B leads you want. Still, if you just give your best, you can be like Hathaway. You can create that one shining moment for your business.