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Exceed your growth and revenue targets with lead generation.

Callbox is the leading lead generation services provider in Australia and New Zealand. We help SMEs and enterprise businesses from various industries like IT and Software, Healthcare, Consultancy, etc. improve their sales efficiency by focusing their revenue team on the best quality leads and appointments.

Your reliable b2b lead generation agency in Australia.

Supercharge your lead gen campaign with the best database in the industry, a stack of fully-integrated marketing tools, and a proprietary process that’s proven to deliver results.


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Callbox is the Business Development Outsource you have been looking for. An attentive team that gets the job done on time, delivering high quality sales leads built from a reliable deep data set of B2B leads, designed through a simple and effective interview process that created the right kind of target profiles for their team to politely track down and engage with by phone, email, and LinkedIn.

— Aryeh Sternberg

Callbox Client Feedback - Aryeh Sternberg

We are impressed with the team’s capability in managing our campaigns and delivering real leads and results.We have been a regular customer of Callbox for over five years and completely trust them with our outbound marketing and telemarketing efforts. We highly recommend Callbox and their services.

— Tara Jafari

Callbox Client Feedback - Tara Jafari

How We Help Businesses Succeed

As one of the top B2B lead generation companies in Australia, we make sure to reach out to your potential customers on every marketing channel, leaving no room for lost opportunities.

How We Help Businesses Succeed


  1. Send Personalized Emails
  2. Send Event-triggered Emails


  1. Call Opens from Intro Email
  2. Call Opens from Follow-up Email


  1. Invite to Connect
  2. Send Follow-up Email


  1. 24/7 Sales Chat Support
  2. Forward Qualified Leads
  3. Follow-up Warm Prospects via Call & Email


  1. Display Banner Ads to Target Prospects
  2. Identify Prospects that Visit Your Website
  3. Follow-up Prospects via Call & Email


  1. Promote the webinar
  2. Facilitate the webianr
  3. Measure the webinar’s performance

Pipeline and Hubspot

Manage leads. Monitor campaigns. Nurture relationships.

Reach and engage your prospects with ease and efficiency

We combine the power of our in-house marketing automation platform, Pipeline CRM and the award-winning sales, marketing and services platform, HubSpot to create a seamless, end-to-end lead generation process to drive more sales for your business.

How we use Callbox Pipeline to drive your lead generation and appointment setting campaign:

  • Contacts management
  • Managed leads and appointments
  • Personalized communications
  • Relevant reporting

How you can leverage HubSpot to nurture your leads and turn them into customers:

  • Full contacts and leads data
  • Hassle-free nurturing and follow-ups
  • Unified approach to contacts management and automation


Callbox Helped IaaS Firm Re-engage Old Contacts & Convert Into Leads

The Client is a trusted, global AI-powered IaaS (identity as a service) firm, eradicating online identity fraud through end-to-end verification solutions for customers to meet their AML and KYC compliance. They are an awardee of Frost & Sullivan’s North American Entrepreneurial Company for the Biometric Security Solutions Industry. READ FULL STORY

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Best Sales B2B Lead Generation Services★★★★★

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