How Marketing Automation Increased My Client’s Appointments in 30 Days

How Marketing Automation Increased My Client's Appoinments in 30 Days

I know you’ll get what I mean when I say, it feels good when you know you’ve helped your clients in every possible way.

“One of the best service-provider experiences I’ve ever had. This is my 4th attempt at using an appointment setting service, and this is the only one that has succeeded.”

“I am extremely happy with the results. I always have qualified leads and appointments, making my job in sales easy. I also love the system itself, as it helps to keep you organized.”

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As a B2B lead generation company for almost 15 years, we managed to meet or should I say, exceeded our client’s expectations by delivering qualified leads and appointments.

Let me tell you a story of how our client managed to get good results from our marketing automation campaign.

Early of 2015, a Marketing Manager of a software company in Australia inquires about our service and decided to sign up their first campaign with us.

The first contract was for a month. Being a software reseller, our client knows it’s hard to look for new prospects for their business. For reasons such as;

  • the software is expensive,
  • too many decision makers,
  • planning and evaluation will take years before the companies make a decision to purchase.  

In our years of experience, Callbox found out that in sales and marketing, visibility is important. You have to be where your prospects are in order to establish connections in the B2B world.

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Upon knowing our client’s goals and objectives, we set up a multi-touch multi-channel and lead nurturing campaign that allows us to reach out to prospects through their preferred channel – email, social media, web, mobile, voice and chat.

With the help of our marketing automation tool, we were able to maximize the campaign hours by prioritizing the calling of prospects depending on the times they are active and are most likely responsive on the phone, email and online. In short, we make calls at the hours where we know there is a bigger chance of converting them into leads and focus on prospecting and pre-qualifying during lean hours.

Being able to nurture our cold prospects – deliver the right message to the right people at the right time and place, and walk them through every stage of their buying cycle until such time that they are ready to do business with our client is the most effective way of handling our software prospects.

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Callbox’s multi-touch multi-channel lead generation service and marketing automation tools – Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool and SMART Calling allows us to deliver almost 30% increase in leads for our client in a month. Because of this, we have gained their trust and have been their source of new leads up until now.

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