Top 5 Appointment Setting Companies in Australia: Choosing the Best to Partner

top 5 appointment setting companies in Australia

So, here’s the thing: The not-so-great news is you’re having a tough time booking appointments with potential clients. On the bright side, you’re not alone! In fact, a lot of B2B businesses face the same issue.

For many B2B businesses, getting in touch with decision-makers and scheduling a meeting can be a daunting task. However, appointment setting is a critical part of the sales process and is necessary for building a robust sales pipeline.

Appointment setting means assigning potential clients to sales representatives, allowing sales closers to concentrate on qualified leads. It also involves arranging meetings with potential clients, which can be handled by your own sales team or by a third-party service provider.

Prior to this point, the potential client may not have been aware of your company. In some cases, they may have knowledge of it but haven’t initiated any contact, opting instead for passive forms of engagement like browsing your website or receiving emails. Appointment setting marks the first step in engaging with a customer, typically over the phone or a video call.

What is an Appointment Setting Service?

Appointment Setting Concept

Businesses need to find potential clients and set up appointments with them to expand their customer base, which can be time-consuming and expensive. But partnering with a B2B appointment setting service can help by having dedicated teams that specialize in reaching out to potential clients on their behalf, saving businesses time and money. 

B2B appointment-setting services are skilled in persuasion and can communicate the benefits of a business’s products or services, schedule convenient appointments, and convey necessary information beforehand. Delegating this task to a third-party service allows businesses to focus on other areas while streamlining the process of converting prospects into a sales pipeline.

When does a company need to hire an Appointment Setting Service Provider?

Company outsourcing to an appointment setting provider

Generating leads and scheduling appointments is difficult for businesses due to limited resources and time in today’s increasingly competitive environment. Appointment-setting service providers specialize in this and can help businesses save time, money, and resources while generating a steady flow of leads.

There are several situations where it can be beneficial for businesses to hire an appointment-setting service provider. Let’s take a look at some scenarios where it might be worth considering.

  1. Limited resources: Outsourcing lead generation and appointment setting to a specialized service provider can be a cost-effective solution for businesses that have limited resources in terms of staff, expertise, and time.
  2. Focus on core competencies: When a business wants to focus on its core competencies and leave the lead generation and appointment scheduling tasks to a specialized service provider, it can free up resources and help the business achieve its goals more efficiently.
  3. Quality and consistency: The proficiency and experience of appointment-setting service providers can result in the provision of excellent and reliable services.
  4. Sales pipeline expansion: Businesses that aim to expand their sales pipeline and acquire new customers can benefit from partnering with appointment-setting service providers to generate a steady flow of leads and appointments.
  5. Scalability: Appointment-setting service providers can adjust their services to match a business’s changing needs and goals, providing flexible and scalable solutions.

How much would their services most likely cost you?

Now, if you’re wondering about the cost of outsourced appointment setting, we got two words for you: it depends.

Companies don’t have a fixed cost for their lead gen and appointment-setting services. The expenses can fluctuate since they charge by the hour, per appointment, or by the month. Some offer a flat fee for a fixed number of calls.

Check out this rundown:

  • Hourly charges typically fall within the range of $25-$75.
  • For monthly fees, expect to pay around $300 to $500 for 100 calls. This still depends on the factors like script complexity and the number of hours worked.
  • Depending on difficulty, per-appointment fees can range from $15 to $100.
  • Setup fees, including charges on the development of your script and campaign strategy, can run between $300 to $500.
  • Lead list fees can cost between $100 to $1000 if you utilize the service’s list instead of your own.

These costs are based on the appointment-setting pricing models enumerated below:

  • Paid per Appointment Setting: In this model, the appointment setting service provider charges a fee for each lead they generate through their service. Fees are incurred when an appointment is scheduled for the sales team or after it has been held, no matter the amount of time and effort spent on finding the leads.
  • Paid per Booked and Completed Meeting: This is a payment method where sales reps or appointment setters are paid for each meeting they schedule and complete with potential clients, regardless of whether it resulted in sales or not. Payment is usually made after the meeting takes place. Here, the focus is on completing the meeting rather than just booking it.
  • Hourly charge:  Here, appointment setters are paid a fixed hourly rate regardless of how many meetings they set or leads they generate. Hourly rates differ depending on product complexity, industry, and the appointment setter’s capacities. This is a common payment model for appointment setting and telemarketing, where a lot of time is spent on the phone monitoring leads and arranging meetings.
  • Call list: Working with an appointment-setting company entails the provision of decision-makers and companies for them to contact. Keeping these lists, however, aren’t for free. You need to pay setup costs to the lead generation company, just like with any other outsourced service, and the prices may vary depending on the sort of campaign, target market, and the businesses you want to target.

How do you pick the best Appointment Setting Company for your company?

If you’re looking for appointment-setting services for your B2B business needs, it’s crucial that you find a provider who can address your specific needs with top-notch expertise. In light of this, the following questions can help you in selecting the best provider for your company:

  1. Define your goals and needs: Start by asking the following questions before seeking an appointment-setting company: What appointment types do you want to set? What are your target industries? How much budget are we allocating?
  2. Check vendor experience and expertise: Look for appointment-setting companies that have a good track record and expertise in your industry. Check their success rates and client reviews in setting appointments.
  3. Consider their outreach and technology: Ask about their methodology and workflow. Do they have a proven process for lead generation, qualification, and appointment setting? Do they send out emails, make phone calls, and engage leads in social media and across multiple channels?
  4. Ask about their technology and tools: Appointment-setting companies that utilize modern technologies and automation like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Account-based management (ABM), and Database Management have maximized efficiency and productivity in lead generation and booking meetings.
  5. Do they provide a tailored approach?: To succeed in appointment setting, targeting potential clients who are a good fit for your business is as essential as identifying and avoiding those who aren’t relevant to your business. Appointment setters should have personalized marketing campaigns to meet the prospect’s particular needs and goals.
  6. Evaluate their communication and collaboration: Outsource to a company that’s responsive to your needs and feedback and are providing progress reports and progress regularly.
  7. Check their pricing structure and terms: Consider appointment-setting companies that provide clear pricing and flexible terms and conditions. Also, you have to be aware of undisclosed charges or lengthy contracts; or if the service’s scope and size can be adjusted according to your needs.

Top 5 Appointment Setting Companies in Australia

biggest challenge of marketers

In Hubspot’s State of Marketing Report, it was found that 61% of marketers consider generating traffic and leads to be their biggest challenge. The increasingly growing list of B2B appointment-setting companies adds up to this burden.

In this case, how do you choose the best appointment setting to partner with amidst the vast options to select from?

To help you find the right fit for your business, we have compiled a detailed list of the top appointment-setting companies in Australia.

Callbox Australia

Callbox Australia

About: Callbox Australia is a top-notch provider of outsourced B2B lead generation and appointment setting services and outbound sales support for businesses across Australia and the global market.

Callbox Australia is able to connect with prospects and widen its reach through the Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel approach in its campaigns. By leveraging these channels, it can create a comprehensive and effective lead generation strategy that engages prospects through their preferred channels and across different industries.

The company’s campaigns use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to manage customer data and monitor interactions. They also use Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to personalize marketing sales and marketing efforts for key accounts and prospects. The combination of these two strategies helps B2B businesses improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their lead generation and appointment-setting efforts.

Industries: Information Technology, Software, Management Consulting, Marketing and Advertising, Medical and Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Distribution

Services offered: Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing, Event Marketing, Webinar, and Virtual Event Marketing
Campaign approach: Uses a Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel campaign approach to generate leads and appointments, which involves using a variety of channels like voice, chat, email, social media, and webinars. Their approach includes personalized messaging, data-driven targeting, and ongoing campaign optimization to maximize results and ROI.

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Callforce Australia

About: Callforce Australia is a company that provides outsourced call center and customer support services to businesses in the region and offers a range of services like inbound and outbound call center services, technical support, lead generation, and appointment setting. 

The company has a strategic focus on specialized BPO services and offers outsourcing solutions that enable businesses to outsource their call center operations to their team of experienced agents.

Their outsourcing solutions allow businesses to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve customer engagement and support. 

Industries:  Includes but is not limited to Telecommunications, Financial Services (Banking and Insurance), EdTech, E-commerce, Logistics, and Energy

Services offered: Lead generation, appointment setting, customer service, market research, telemarketing, cold calling 
Campaign approach: As a telemarketing and lead generation company, CallForce Australia uses a more traditional approach to customer service and sales outsourcing, relying more on email, phone, and chat channels.

Book Meetings

Book Meetings

About: Book Meetings is one of the primary B2B appointment-setting companies in Melbourne. They conduct phone calls and face-to-face meetings to connect with key decision-makers and make the initial sales process and cross-selling easier. 

They also offer cold calling services, tailor-made appointment settings for both small and large scale businesses, and provide businesses with high-quality leads that possess high chances of converting into lasting clients for businesses.

Industries: Real Estate, Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Life insurance, Home Improvement, IT Sector, Mortgage

Services offered: Lead generation, appointment setting, cold-calling, buying leads, telemarketing
Campaign approach: Utilize both face-to-face and phone methods in appointment setting and a variety of channels like phone-based telemarketing services, website, blog, and social media for lead generation.

Lead Express

Lead Express

About: Lead Express is an Australian company that provides lead marketing and strategy services to businesses of various sizes. They have expertise in utilizing digital, direct mail, and executive phone-based approaches to generate guaranteed and qualified leads for their clients.

This company is primarily focused on lead generation and strategic client management. They possess bespoke systems that are tailored to facilitate effective communication with potential clients and to manage the entire lead generation process. Their services are designed to cater to both B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) scenarios.

Industries: Information Technology (IT), Business Services, Telecommunications, Advertising, and Marketing

Services offered: Appointment Setting, Telemarketing, Data List Services, Digital Lead Services, Business Events, Sales Training, Marketing Automation, Integration, Inside Sales
Campaign approach: The company’s appointment setters handle inbound leads generated from digital channels and outbound activities while conducting ghost calls on all campaigns. Clients can approve messaging and agents before they are implemented.

Forrest Marketing Group

Forrest Marketing Group

About: Forrest Marketing Group is an Australian-based telemarketing company that offers a full range of call center services. They specialize in providing B2B and B2C lead generation, appointment setting, and telemarketing services to a wide range of industries. 

They use a variety of techniques and strategies to generate high-quality leads and appointments for their clients, including data-driven targeting, customized scripting, and ongoing campaign optimization.

The company works closely with clients to develop customized marketing strategies that are tailored to meet their specific goals and objectives.

Industries: Includes but is not limited to Software as a service (SaaS), Technology, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Real Estate, Education, Automotive, and Construction.

Services offered: Customer Service, Telemarketing, Lead Generation, Customer Engagement, Telefundraising
Campaign approach: The company offers contact center services like telemarketing, lead generation, and customer service that can be tailored to meet the specific sales and marketing requirements of their clients.

Choose the right appointment-setting services provider to outsource to

When looking for a partner for your B2B appointment setting, it’s important to choose a company that offers a variety of services and can cater to a wide range of industries. It’s also crucial to find a partner that can make use of modern technology such as CRM and automation, which can help make your lead generation and booking meeting efforts more efficient.

Additionally, the ideal service provider should be able to communicate with your potential customers through various platforms and industries. They should be able to create personalized messaging that resonates with your target audience, employ data-driven targeting techniques to identify the best potential leads, and continuously optimize your campaign for better results and ROI.

We at Callbox understand the specific requirements of B2B businesses, and we have a team of experts who can provide comprehensive marketing services to help you achieve your company’s goals in Australia. 

We specialize in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy, which is designed to attract, reach, and schedule meetings with the right targets to ensure your efforts yield favorable results.

Our approach involves multiple touchpoints across various channels to connect with a wider audience simultaneously. This allows us to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts and reach potential clients on their preferred platforms, whether it be email, social media, or phone. 

By utilizing our Multi-touch Multi-channel approach, we can create a seamless experience for your target audience and help ensure a higher chance of success for your B2B marketing campaigns.

Let our team take care of your lead generation and appointment-setting needs today! We at Callbox are eager to demonstrate how our partners can elevate your business to new heights. 

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