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Micro Market Provider Forecasts Pipeline Value Growth After Campaign [CASE STUDY]

Workplace micro markets are fast becoming a more popular alternative to traditional office vending machines. Micro markets offer a healthier and more diverse selection of food, drinks, and snacks at companies where having a full-service cafeteria or kitchen isn’t an option. They provide businesses and employees better convenience, increased efficiency, and greater wellness benefits.

New Callbox Site Feature Brings Key B2B Industries into Sharper Focus

The Callbox team recently launched a new feature on its website called ‘My Industry Insights’, an interactive tool that helps users gauge and explore the targeted marketing potential for their industry. Released as a follow-up to Callbox’s data preview tool unveiled in March, My Industry Insights adds to the company’s growing suite of capabilities tailored for data-driven B2B marketers.

Best Practices in Data-Driven Marketing You Wouldn’t Want to Ignore

As things go in the B2B industry right now, data remains to be a key ingredient in business. For sure, major players, as well as startups, will have to realize the value that data can provide to the bottom line. More than ever, businesses that want to compete for leads will have to come up with a data-driven marketing approach that will deliver the best results in lead generation.

Targeted B2B Marketing: Guide, Checklists and Worksheets [Free eBook]

Everybody claims to be doing targeted marketing, but few actually get it right. Marketers allocate a significant portion of the budget on tools for better marketing precision (like advanced analytics and marketing automation). But only a minority (around 45%) of marketers believe they’re able to nail down targeted marketing, while an even smaller percentage of […]