3 Ways You Can Market Medical Equipment to Become Appealing to Hospitals and Medical Practitioners

Ways You Can Market Medical Equipment To Become Appealling to Hospitals

Medical equipment companies strive to improve the quality of their products for their customers to provide better care of their patients. The high-end medical equipment allows physicians to perform medical procedure better. However, just like any other industry, the sales cycle is also longer and even more complicated. For reasons such as:

  • Physicians are always busy and hard to get in touch with.
  • Decision makers on hospitals are different than the one who purchases the supply.
  • Hospitals buy in bulk so they need enough budget

Even if you have the best equipment in the market, you still need to gain your customer’s – doctors and hospital administrators trust before they would consider doing business with you. So how can a medical equipment company market their products?

#1. Always be where your customers are.

Multi-channel marketing is important in a marketing strategy regardless what industry you’re into. Reaching out to prospects through multiple channels and giving them options to respond on their preferred medium can be an advantage on your end. What to do?

  • Create contents that can educate your audience
  • Create a buzz on social media. 
  • Utilize video marketing. Here’s one perfect example.
  • Build a strategic website. Use web design hacks to capture more leads.
  • Reach out and build a relationship with your prospects through email and by calling them.

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#2. Consider having independent distributors.

Hospitals and physicians prefer to deal with independent suppliers because it saves them time if only a few suppliers can provide all of their medical equipment needs. Not to mention many independent distributors have already developed a good relationship and gained their customers trust so they are more likely to do business with them.

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#3. Try referral method.

Word of mouth is a very powerful marketing strategy. Build your own network of customers and ask them to refer you to their friends and colleagues. Doctors usually seek for an advice – whether be it about work or family, from another doctor. A simple referral from a friend or a colleague can make other doctors decide to choose and do business with you as well.

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Whether you choose to go out and sell your products directly to doctors and hospitals or use other methods of selling, what’s important is for you to develop relationships with both the medical practitioner – who can recommend you to hospitals to consider your product – and the hospital organizations that are considered your big clients.

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