Are sales reps happy with the inbound leads on your website?

Are your sales reps happy with the leads that are converting on the site?

How many leads were generated every month from your marketing team?

Keeping your sales reps happy is a constant process. But it’s hard to keep them happy and motivated especially if the leads are not converting.

Many marketers still consider inbound marketing as the best way to generate good leads because of the prospects behavior – sign up for a newsletter, chat our reps, comment to a blog post or inquire through email, after they have visited and read your website. But despite these, are the leads good enough to convert them all into a sale?

The Importance of having quality inbound leads.

Not all leads are considered a “good lead”. You have to measure the quality of every leads and identify which ones should be nurture and which ones should be disposed. But the quality of your leads will help you create a better sales process that can make you increase your number and conversion.

But what if someone visits your website? What do you do? Let me share with you how our marketing and sales teams are aligned to achieve our goal – to have more closed deals.

Sales process

  • A prospect visits or inquires in our website.
  • Information was submitted to the sales team
  • Sales team to call the lead for pre-qualification

Sales rep will tag the lead based on their conversation.

Lead tagging:

  • No Interest: Prospect visited the website but is just looking around
  • For Follow-up: Prospect expressed an interest but can’t decide for now.
  • Not Qualified: Prospects that are not qualified based on your target market – location, company size, etc.

Sales reps will prioritize the leads and will not call “no interest” prospects, remove those tagged “not qualified” in the list and nurture prospects that are tagged as “for follow-up”, walk them through every stage of their sales journey until they’ve reached the final stage – they get to decide to buy and do business with you.

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How to attract quality inbound leads on our websites

People usually consider you based on the quality of your website. What are they looking for?

  • Professionally designed website. A simple yet attractive website will do. Generate leads using your website.
  • Clear description about your company – what you do and what products and services you offer.
  • Informative and original content. A blog post that they can relate to. That includes common issues they can and will encounter and tips on how to resolve it.

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There are different ways on how to attract inbound leads.

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Social media
  3. SEO
  4. Organizing and participating in webinars or events.
  5. Creating videos and infographics
  6. Having landing pages that are industry specific
  7. Having CTAs

Being in the sales department is stressful enough. Talking to someone, identifying if they have a need and following up on them every now and then makes it even more stressful. Making their lives easier by giving them high-quality leads is important to keep them motivated and happy. A happy sales team means more leads coming in because they are more focused and motivated in what they do.