Ever thought of following up Inbound Leads via Outbound Marketing?

Ever thought of following up Inbound Leads via Outbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a marketing technique where customers find your product or service through content marketing, natural or paid SEO and other social media marketing. While outbound marketing is a traditional way of marketing wherein the company is the one who initiates the conversation and deliver the message to its target audience through business events (trade shows, seminars, conference, etc.), cold calls and email blasts.

Why most marketers utilize inbound marketing rather than outbound marketing

Nowadays, many marketers think that outbound marketing is less effective because of the advance in technology. More and more people prefer to use the internet when looking for something to buy. Plus, people are always looking for ways to block any marketing efforts of marketers through caller ID and spam filtering.

Almost 60% of prospects already know and have researched a product or service through social media, blog posts and referrals before marketers can even reach out to them.

Why I think you should combine your inbound and outbound marketing efforts;

There’s no need to nurture them further to convert them because most of the time inbound leads are warm. However, not all inbound marketing efforts are converted into sales. For instance, a prospect contacted you to inquire about something. If you fail to respond immediately, chances are prospect might switch to your competitor.

That’s why you should utilize outbound marketing to follow up all of your inbound marketing efforts. Business owners use multi channel marketing to maximize their marketing efforts in order to increase your sales and generate more leads for your business.

Here’s how we follow up our inbound leads through outbound marketing using multi channel approach.


As a sales and marketing company, we value our business as much as we value our clients. An increase in leads delivered to our clients means an increase on the productivity of both. In order to generate more leads, Callbox created the following:


Create a customized email and respond to prospects in real time. Follow up them via email.

Our Lead Nurturing Tool allows our clients to manage leads by creating a scheme and defining your next move whether to send a prospect an email, give him a call and alert or remind yourself to perform certain task.

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Social Media

Nowadays, sales process is getting longer and most marketers choose social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to reach out and engage with their prospects. Here are some tips on how to use social media to engage with prospects.

  • Provide advice and informative content. Create or find the right content and share it on your social media account. 

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  • Tell and not sell. Social media is not meant to close sales. Social media is about engaging and building relationship with your prospects.
  • Connect. How? Show interest on what they do by following their personal and company account.

Here’s The Secret Ingredient in Turning Your Social Followers Into Qualified Leads!

Whether you decide to follow up inbound leads through outbound marketing or vice versa, the important thing is you maximize all of your marketing efforts to generate leads and increase your revenue. Have you ever thought of combining your inbound and outbound marketing efforts? Comment below and share with us your thoughts.