Book Challenge 2017: 10 FREE Digital Marketing Ebooks To Read

Book Challenge 2017: 10 FREE Digital Marketing Ebooks To Read

Have you read a book and changed the way think about work?

Below are 10 FREE Digital Marketing ebooks that will help digital marketers get better in their marketing strategies. These ebooks include planning, managing and some of the best practices in digital marketing that you can successfully implement in your business locally and internationally.

#1) Digital Marketing – An Introductory Guide

An Introduction Guide to Digital Marketing

This eBook introduces you to the basics of online marketing every professional ought to know. It includes:

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Career benefits & job opportunities
  3. Introduction to SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Mobile, Web Analytics

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#2) Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing

Beginner's Guide to Digital Marketing

This ebook includes the basic starter tips to form a digital marketing strategy and get it up and running. It covers:

  • The importance of a user-friendly web design and mobile optimisation
  • Where to start with your SEO and search engine marketing strategies
  • How to use social media to connect with customers

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#3) International Digital Marketing

International Digital Marketing

This eBook provides practical tips and steps to planning and executing a successful international digital marketing strategy.

It includes:

  • How to successfully plan your marketing strategy
  • How to localise your social media presence
  • Where to start with your multilingual PPC and SEO strategy
  • How to engage foreign audiences with your message
  • How to deal with enquiries from abroad

As a bonus, your eBook comes with a free downloadable Excel Toolkit which will help you plan your digital strategy and budget. Download your free ebook here.

#4) Digital Marketing: All The Tools You Need


This eBook will empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to begin independently, including:

  • Determining Your Audience
  • Locating Your Clients
  • Making Sure Your Clients Can Locate You (Content Marketing and SEO Basics)
  • The Whats, Whens and Hows of Social Media
  • Why You Need an Initial Free Offering
  • Managing an Email Marketing Campaign

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#5) Digital Marketing Secrets Revealed


A 60-page eBook that tackles digital marketing secrets that will help you built a brand, get traffic and sell products or services using:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Ecommerce

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#6) Maximize Your Digital Marketing Strategy


A 14-page abook with tips, resources and best practices that can help you get started maximizing your digital marketing strategy.

Get insights into the following digital marketing elements and how you can use them to grow your business.

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Advertising

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#7) 8 Free Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business in 2016


This ebook includes free tools to use for your marketing strategy:

  • SEO Tools
  • Competitor Analysis Tools
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Analysis Tools
  • Social Media Marketing Tools
Most Meaningful Digital Marketing

This ebook includes 7 essential trends for 2017 of best practices and tips from industry experts on how to build engaging relationships with your customers and prospects:

  1. Conquer Micro-Moments
  2. Go Visual
  3. Hide in Plain Sight with Native Ads
  4. Get Personal
  5. Build a Team of Influencers
  6. Invest in Content Creators
  7. Transform with the Right Data

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#9) 15 Reasons You Should Be Using Digital Marketing Automation

15 Reason You Should Be using Digital Marketing Automation

This ebook will give you 15 reasons why you should implement digital marketing automation in your business. Learn how to use technology to scale and measure your tactics and campaigns, to beat your competitors, understand your customers and increase sales.

#10) Fearless Forecast for 2017: Why You Should Bet Your Money on Digital Marketing (and Win)

Why you should bet your money on digital marketing (AND WIN)

This eBook will show you;

  • Where to put your money in Digital Marketing
  • How to best take advantage of social media
  • Why infotainment and bite-size videos are vital
  • Why you should step up your Influencer Marketing game
  • Why you’re in the wrong job if you’re not big on Mobile Marketing

New ebooks were featured and published every 2 months. Download your free ebook here.

2017 is a start of a new beginning. So if you are one of those who are struggling to understand digital marketing and would want to implement it in your marketing strategy, take these free digital marketing downloadable ebooks and share them with your team.

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