How to Handle Early Sales Objections, According to Science [VIDEO]

How to Handle Early Sales Objections, According to Science [VIDEO]

Objections pop up anywhere in the sales process.

We know they prevent deals from closing.

But they also stop sales conversations from moving forward.

That’s why you need to handle early sales objections.

With a little help from science,

these obstacles become guideposts.

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Objection: “Just send me some info…”


How to Respond:

“Sure, I want to make sure I send the right info. Tell me more about…”

Why it Works:

  • This uses the ‘Context Effect’ in psychology.
  • The context surrounding an event affects how it’s perceived.

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Objection: “We already work with your competitor.”


How to Respond:

“That’s great. What results are you getting?”

Why it Works:

  • This response reverses the direction of change.
  • It’s the best way to overcome status quo bias.

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Objection: “Call me back in 6 months…”


How to Respond:

“What are your company’s other priorities right now?”

Why it Works:

  • Prioritizing activities is better than time management.
  • Best-selling author Rory Vaden shows this approach defeats procrastination.

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Objection: “We don’t have any budget right now.”


How to Respond:

“That’s okay. I’m not calling to sell you anything today.
But if I could ask you about…”

Why it Works:

  • This response shows empathy.
  • Harvard neuroscience research finds that trust depends on empathy.

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Try these tactics out for yourself
…and take the conversation to the next level.