The 7 Things We Did to Make Our Australian Clients Feel Special

Things We Did to Make our Australian Clients Feel Special

Just like most managers, I also started as a sales rep. Looking back when I first started as a Sales Manager in one of the leading B2B lead generation company in Australia, my team and I are so excited to have our first client to sign up a 1-month contract.

It was from a software company. They wanted us to introduce a new software they’ve developed to all manufacturing companies all across Australia. Being new to my position, the passion for me to do my job well is there (it’s still there until now). Leading the team, I don’t just want to provide new opportunities for our client. I want more than that!

In more than 10 years of experience in sales, I’ve learned that having a good customer service is important to increase customer retention for my Australian client. Businesses need loyal clients and customers in order to survive. Having someone choose and do business with you is not enough. Building a good relationship with your clients is always important. You need to work hard in order for them to continue working with you.

As what Walt Disney says, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” I also want to show to my client a better service they deserve it’ll make them want to work with us again and refer us to their family and friends.

With this goal in mind, I layout my plan on how to meet our client’s expectations and informed my team about it. Here are things we did to make our Australian client feel special.

#1. Constant communication.

Constantly communicating with your clients could mean issues were discussed and resolved as soon as possible. This leads to happy clients. Genuinely talk to your prospects and address their concerns until the end of their contract.

For example:

We set a weekly meeting with your client to provide updates on the campaign.  This allows us to discuss possible issues and provide a suggestion on how to solve these issues.

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 Reminder: On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.

#2. Respect each other.

In B2C, more than half of customers who experience rude customer service post on social media or tell their family and friends about it. Can you imagine how word of mouth works and leaves your company with a bad reputation, forever? So it is important to respect your client’s feedback and suggestions to resolve any issues.

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Reminder: According to consumers, customer service agents failed to answer their questions 50%of the time.

#3. Always listen.

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know; But when you listen, you may learn something new.” – Dalai Lama.

In sales, you’re working as a team with your client to achieve your goals. Listening to your client means being open to their suggestions as well. Their solutions might be more effective than yours which you can also apply to your other clients. Also, never push that they need to follow what you’ve suggested. Learn to compromise and then follow through. That way, you gain their trust.

Reminder: Although your customers won’t love you if you give bad service, your competitors will.”– Kate Zabriskie

#4. Follow through on your words and implement what you’ve agreed upon.

This is one way to build a strong relationship with your client. Following up on what you’ve discussed and agreed upon shows transparency and a good way to build trust. Plus, it also helps you client feel like he can depend on you to do your job and know what to expect from you.

Note: When talking to a client, make sure to set a realistic goal to avoid disappointment that goals were not met.

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#5. Offer ongoing support.

Don’t settle on what was agreed upon. The main reason why clients complain is that of poor customer service. Your responsibilities to your client don’t end upon signing up a contract. The truth is, it starts from there. Never hesitate to provide extra effort. Doing everything you can to provide excellent service until the end of their contract allows them to decide to renew and do business with your again.

Reminder: 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.

#6. Be honest.

Being transparent is important in building trust with your clients. If they ask you to do something and you know you can’t do it, it’s okay for you to try but never give false hopes. Instead, tell them if you can’t do what they’ve asked. It simply shows:

  • You are open to suggestions.
  • You have nothing to hide.
  • You’re want to build a long-term relationship

Reminder: 91% of unhappy customers will not willingly do business with you again.

#7. Respond promptly.

When your client emails you to inquire about something, respond as quickly as possible even if you don’t have the information to what they’re asking for. If you’re afraid you’ll come off dumb, trust me, you won’t! However, assure them that you’ll get back to them with an answer and make sure to do it soon.

“The professionalism in the setup and execution was second to none. You opened up a number of opportunities that we are now capitalizing on. Well done and thanks!”

“Thank you for your efforts on our behalf, and thank you for the results which continue to meet or exceed our expectations.”

Knowing your clients appreciate your efforts through feedbacks like these makes you want to do better every day. So, start making your clients feel special by providing ongoing excellent service.


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