How To Make Decision Makers Say ‘Yes’ to your Cyber Security Solution

How To Make Decision-Makers Say Yes to your Cyber Security Solution

Cyber security is all about protecting company information and the protection of computer hardware system from major cyber threats – theft or damage. Whether you’re into banking, an IT company, government agency or any financial organization, every business needs cyber security.

Importance of cyber security solutions

In a modern world where risk is at its peak because servers, backup, and storage used to lock up information are the move to the cloud and everything can be accessed online through computers, mobile and tablets.
IT professionals or not, you should know the importance of cyber security because of the risks and threats in today’s cyber world. In order to keep safe and protect the company and the data, many business owners consider investing in cyber security solutions. 

But despite this, why is it hard for many decision makers to say yes to a sales agent offering a cyber security solution? Here’s how to sell cyber security solutions that will help make decision maker say ‘yes’.

Appointment Setting Campaign

  • Make sure your sales reps are knowledgeable of your product and services.
  • Draft a script with rebuttals for your sales reps to use as a guide.
  • Make use of your current and loyal customers and mention them on your spiel.
  • Understand your prospect’s needs instead of just pushing the benefits of your product.
  • Don’t forget to nurture and follow up on prospects who are asking for information first and can’t decide yet if they would consider or not.
  • Focus on your prospect instead of your product.
  • Identify the best days and time to call your prospects where they are more likely to pick up and answer the phone.

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Email Marketing Campaign

  • When sending introductory emails, be short and brief.
  • Personalized your emails depending on your prospect’s needs.
  • Pay close attention to your prospect when replying to them.
  • Avoid sending promotional emails
  • Identify the best days and times to send out emails where your prospects are more likely to open and respond to it.

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Social Media Campaign

  • Identify which social media platform your audience is using.
  • At least post on all of your social media accounts at least once or twice a day.
  • Mention well-known customers on social media posts.
  • Follow influencers
  • Don’t forget to influence the influencers within your industry
  • Identify the best days and times to post where your followers are more likely online and can see and react to your posts.

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  • Create high quality and informative contents that your audience can relate to.
  • Make case studies
  • Create “how to’s” blog posts that can help solve your prospect’s problems.
  • Be consistent with your blog posts.
  • Utilize videos, infographics, and downloadables.

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Take note that crucial planning is necessary to have a successful campaign. Whether be it an appointment setting campaign, email marketing campaign, social media campaign, etc, planning and clearly defining your goal will not only make your campaign effective but you’ll be ready to handle issues and problems when to arise in the future.