10 Marketing Lessons you can learn from Easter

10 Marketing Lessons you can learn from Easter

Easter in Australia starts on Good Friday and ends on Easter Monday. Eggs hunts are happening in most homes in Australia. Children have decorated Easter eggs, which are made of chocolate as a reward.  What a fun way to celebrate a long weekend with family and friends.

In the business world, Easter is one of the busiest days especially in sales. It offers many business opportunities by developing creative marketing strategies to promote their business and drive traffic to their website. Here are 10 Marketing lessons you can learn from Easter.

Lesson #1: Know your objectives

When hosting an event to promote brand awareness to your audience, it is important to plan what you want, when you need it done and how to accomplish it. During Easter, people, especially parents prepare and hide Easter eggs for children to hunt on Easter morning.

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Lesson #2: Identify the best target market for your business.

By identifying your target audience, you are trying to create the best marketing campaign that speaks to the right people. Every Easter, children are excited for Easter because they get to have Easter eggs made of chocolate as a reward whenever they find one.

Lesson #3:  Multi Channel Marketing

In the game egg hunt, Easter bunny never put all of his eggs into one location. Parents make sure to put Easter eggs on different locations so children can search and find one whenever they are. Same goes with marketing. Don’t just focus all of your marketing efforts and use only one medium to reach out and promote brand awareness.

Lesson #4: Deliver Content Consistently

Easter happens annually. You can always count on the Easter bunny to come back every year. Same goes with your marketing efforts. Be consistent and develop new products, create quality contents to let people aware of your products, regularly.

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Lesson #5: Connect with your prospects

What a good way to connect with your prospects is through fun activities such as business events and conference. People like to engage with games and they like rewards too. Painting Easter eggs is a fun to get creative not just for kids but for some adults as well. Every kid will sure to love having an Easter egg hunt and having a reward such as chocolates and toys found inside an egg.

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Lesson #6: Utilize word of mouth promotion

Easter don’t need paid advertising. It uses social marketing to promote and have good reputation with their audience. Blogging is important. It is free and effective in spreading brand awareness.

Lesson #7: Think of a more personal campaign

Think of your audience. Create content that are informational and would make them read. Nowadays, more and more people go online to search for products and look for solutions to their problems. Same goes with the message of Easter to its audience. They make it more appealing to kids by using decorated eggs and Easter bunny as a symbol of Easter.

Lesson #8: Create mystery

One of the reasons why people line up in events was surprises. They usually think what they will learn from attending, the souvenirs they will get and the people they will meet. During Easter, children are excited to hunt eggs and they love the idea of suspense whether to get a chocolate or a toy as a reward when they found one.

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Lesson #9: Think different

Being different is important to separate you from your competitors. As what Steve Jobs mentioned, “Innovate or die”. Think outside the box and be different when trying to improve your products and service to meet your prospect’s needs. Having an Easter bunny and egg hunts to represent Easter makes the children feel more excited to celebrate Easter.

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Lesson #10: A Movable Feast

Although it is an annual event, Easter is a movable feast. It is consistent but the date is changing every year. Same goes with marketing, you don’t need to have only one marketing strategy. You need to be consistent in improving your products and services but you need to be flexible and adjust your marketing strategy depending on the season.

Easter only comes once a year, yet the lessons that can be applied on your marketing efforts is remarkable. Applying these lessons from Easter could help increase your sales and conversions not only on one season but all throughout the entire year.