Multi-Channel Marketing Stats Is Bound To Make An Impact [VIDEO]



Multi-channel marketing is a choice. You have to be where your customers are.

Traditional Marketer vs. Multi-Channel Marketer

A traditional marketer only uses radio, tv ads, email, and voice to reach out to their prospective customers.

A multi-channel marketer use multiple channels such as;

  • Email
  • Voice
  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Website
  • Chat

By promoting brand awareness and interacting with your customers through multiple channels, you are giving them options which communication channel to use. Making contact mediums readily available when customers decide to buy your product or avail your service.

Multi channel marketing campaigns have proven to boost ROI. Here are some of the stats that shows the benefits of multi channel marketing for your business.

  • According to a post from SailThru, Multi-Channel B2C Campaigns realize a 24% increase in ROI.
  • said, A high proportion have also seen greater than 15% improvement in: customer satisfaction and loyalty measures (43% indicating that level of improvement); returns on marketing investment (34%); and reductions in per customer acquisition costs (32%).
  • Direct Marketing, Multichannel Marketing: Top trends, analysis, news: Multi-channel is the best of all worlds. 40% of marketers chose paid search as the top driver of online sales, while 26% say display ads and 18% prefer social media.

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  • 50% of multi-channel marketers say they “usually” or “always” hit their financial targets. (CMO by Adobe, Three Issues Hindering Progress In Multichannel Marketing)
  • A study released by Sitecore and conducted by Forrester Research, 87% of marketing decision-makers from around the world believe they will drive more sales and profit by evolving into effective multichannel marketing organizations.

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  • On one of the blog post from, a data from “The Multichannel Maturity Mandate” indicates that among the 40% of respondents that identified their organizations as “mature” practitioners of multi-channel marketing.
  • Because of multi-channel marketing, 97% of marketers said they have seen some improvement in revenue that can be attributed to marketing activities, including 40% who have seen more than 15% improvement (

Multi-channel marketing is essential for your business. Spread the word about your company through multiple channels and boost your marketing ROI.