Romantic Telemarketing: A Surefire Guide towards Effective B2B Courting

Romantic Telemarketing- A Surefire Guide towards Effective B2B Courting

In marketing, whether B2B or B2C, communication is an important factor since the main goal is to build long-term relationships. Thus, different methods of communicating one’s brand to a target audience should be harnessed.

In many cases, content marketing provides the appropriate avenues for audience stimulation. Most marketers now rely on social media platforms such as blogs for their B2B lead generation. But these prove to be ineffective owing to the lack of direct contact. Telemarketing, on the other hand, is still a popular channel for audience nurturing. This is because direct person-to-person communication is preferred in building interest and awareness.

But to truly succeed in “snaring” a prospect, one needs to have the appropriate attitude. Now, different marketers have their own approaches in lead generation telemarketing. But one tip seems to stand out from the rest: be romantic.

Now, this is not about courting a prospect the way you do with someone you are eyeing. But contacting a lead falls under the very same conditions, the common denominator of which is attraction. You are attracted to a prospect which suits your profiling scheme, thus you exert a lot of effort in attracting it towards you. It is a process that requires a lot of skill and charm.

So, are you that skillful and charming in handling prospect engagements? If not, then consider these important tips and win B2B hearts and minds.

Have a positive attitude. The first thing to do before picking up the phone is to be positive. Yes, most marketers find it difficult because they will not know whether they get rejected. But anticipating a rejection can diminish one’s morale, thus it is always a good idea to think of things other than a rejection.

Plan ahead. You do not approach someone you like spontaneously, catching them with their defenses down. Before deciding to contact a prospect, it is essential to know whether it is the right person to call. Check if it matches your criteria and subject it to your lead scoring system. If it proves to be a qualified lead, then make the call.

Discuss about needs, not wants. The problem in telemarketing usually stems from the actual conversation. Marketers often make the mistake of not focusing their topics on one particular subject, resulting in poor retention. Avoid this scenario by framing the conversation on the present needs of your prospect. Give them reasons that you are needed to fill the void in their lead generation and not just a partner for the short-term.