Sales Tips: Interesting Facts About How to Gain Prospect’s Trust

Sales Tips: Interesting Facts About How to Gain Prospect’s Trust

Do you easily get your prospect’s trust?

A great salesperson’s goal when doing lead generation is to get interested prospects and eventually close a sale. In order to do this successfully, sales reps must gain the trust of their prospects. Prospects can sense it when you called and all you can think of is your paycheck.

According to, here are some ways to help gain your prospect’s trust:

1) Speak with authority

Being authoritative doesn’t mean being arrogant. Speaking with authority means speaking with confidence and being able to communicate honestly and direct to the point.

Examples of sales rep who speaks with authority includes:

  • Being able to express his feelings clearly.
  • Telling and showing prospects of their needs without threatening them.
  • Avoid swearing.
  • Handles prospects in a professional manner.
  • Listens and knows how to wait when to speak.

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2) Demonstrate credibility

Prospects don’t like telemarketers because they think they’re fraud. Prospects are interested in speaking with a person or a company with established credibility. Someone who can take care of their needs and not just anyone whose purpose is to waste their time selling unnecessary things.

Build credibility with your prospects by:

  • Being human – unique and honest
  • Watch your grammar and language
  • Be punctual. It matters! It implies that you care.

3) Listen

A lot of salespeople are guilty on this one. Listening doesn’t only mean hearing your prospect. It also means understand what the person on the other line is saying at the same time engaging them into a conversation. Here’s Why Listening is an Important Component in Telemarketing

When you listen to your prospects, you will learn to read between the lines to look for possible opportunities and decipher the different buying signals of your prospects.

4) Value the prospect’s time

Prospect: I’m not available right now. I’m in the middle of something.

Agent: No problem. I understand. When is the best time for me to callback?

Time is gold! You’re gaining your prospect’s trust the moment you show value in his time. Plus, they are more likely to listen and remember you the next time you called.  

5) Respect their views

When a prospect asked you to send an email first and get back with him 2 days after doesn’t mean he’s no longer interested with what you’re offering. If you believe in your product or service, you’ll see this as a positive response. Respecting a person’s view means you’re giving him a chance to read and know your product more before having a deeper conversation about it. Plus, it gives you time to prepare for possible questions on your second call.  

What to do when faced with this situation? Tell the prospect, “Sure. I’ll send you an email right after this call. When is your most convenient time for me to give you a callback to discuss this further with you?”

6) Show commitment

Agent: When can I call you back?

Prospect: Call me back on Monday at 2PM.

Agent: Sure. Talk to you then.

When you agreed to call a prospect, call back on the scheduled date and time. Most of the time, sales reps are excited to speak with their prospects ended up calling them earlier than the scheduled appointment. Others tend to forget to follow up. Showing commitment means you care and you respect your prospect’s time. It shows professionalism and implies that you mean business.

7) Be genuine

Be honest! Trying to be someone you’re not might lose your credibility as well as your chance to close the sale. When your product or your company doesn’t have what they’re looking for, be honest about it. If you don’t have the answer to your prospect’s question, here are some tips and tricks you can check into. Instead, tell them you’ll get back to them with an answer.  

For Example:

Prospect: How much does it cost?

Agent: I don’t have that information with me right now. What I can do is take of it and send it to you through email, would that work for you?

Gaining prospect’s trust is essential in B2B lead generation. It may be difficult to some reps but take note of the tips mentioned above when making calls to help you gain your prospect’s trust and increase your chances of closing a sale.