Top 10 B2B Marketplaces in Taiwan in 2024

B2B (business-to-business) markets are rapidly evolving, thanks to innovative marketing strategies and advanced technologies. E-commerce has been very helpful in increasing the B2B marketplaces’ worldwide reach and providing them with a wider medium to showcase their trading expertise, especially in Taiwan.

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Fueled by globalization, Taiwan’s e-commerce sector has become a major player, intensifying competition but also unlocking vast opportunities. To capitalize on these opportunities, we listed the top 10 B2B marketplaces in Taiwan. These platforms are at the forefront of innovation, shaping the future of trade not just for this tech-savvy nation, but for the international marketplace as well: 

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List of the Top 10 B2B Marketplaces in Taiwan

  1. eWorldTrade

Ranking first on the list is eWorldTrade, leveraging years of experience and a large customer base. It facilitates global business transactions, connecting buyers and sellers worldwide through efficient protocols and advanced algorithms. More than just a marketplace—it’s a hub for international commerce where businesses of any size can tap into global markets.

  1. stands out as one of Taiwan’s highly frequented marketplaces, aiding numerous businesses in transforming their trading frameworks. Its user-friendly interface exemplifies simplicity, appealing to a wide audience.’s virtual marketplace offers a diverse range of products, from electronics to artisanal teas, showcasing the blend of traditional and modern commerce. The main focus of this platform is to make trading more flexible.

  1. FiO Technology Company Limited

Recognized as a leading B2B marketplace on the list, FiO Technology Company Limited is known for its outstanding services and commitment to customer satisfaction. With millions of products available across a wide range of categories, the platform is well-suited for businesses seeking global products at affordable rates. Its loyal customer base reflects FiO’s reliability as a go-to source for everything from office supplies to industrial equipment.


When it comes to trading with the trendiest B2B solutions, Ruten holds a notable position as one of the biggest marketplaces in Taiwan. This platform provides a medium to distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers, and retailers to start trading with other businesses without the locational barrier. showcases a variety of rare vintages, niche products, collectibles, and bespoke items. This platform appeals to those seeking exceptional products. It serves as a meeting point for artisans and aficionados where every transaction is a brushstroke on the canvas of commerce.


Owned by the Alibaba Group, has become a global force, revolutionizing e-commerce especially in China. This online marketplace platform boasts millions of sellers offering a wide variety of products.


Amazon is a well-established player in the trading industry, often referred to as the Global Gatekeeper. It offers a reliable platform for buying or selling bulk products without compromising quality. 

With billions of products listed, Amazon’s B2B platform serves as a gateway to the trading landscape, combining Prime services with precision. Its extensive range of choices makes it a universe of options from A to Z. Its efficiency is acknowledged by the industry in Taiwan and recognized worldwide.


Taiwantrade is an ideal choice for experts who seek a dependable platform for trading services in Taiwan.  It caters to businesses of all sizes, providing both traditional and innovative solutions. 

This platform is recognized as a bridge builder that actively connects you to a wide range of products and services. Whether a business requires a specific widget or desires access to Taiwanese ingenuity, ensures efficient fulfillment of needs.

  1. Global Source

Global Source is an internationally renowned B2B marketplace, distinguished as the go-to destination for millions of verified buyers and suppliers worldwide. Its extensive catalog encompasses a wide range of products, spanning from industrial machinery to casual clothing and everything in between.

What makes this platform exceptional is its trade show and events, which act as the perfect opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and expand their network with the global industry. In short, Global Source is where artisans forge partnerships, and where blueprints become reality. 

  1. DHgate

When discussing prominent B2B platforms, DHgate stands out as a notable contender. Not only does this platform offer an extensive array of products across all categories, but it also does so at highly competitive prices. Its sleek and user-friendly interface, coupled with robust features, has made it the preferred choice for many businesses in Taiwan.

This platform provides businesses of all sizes a medium to expand their reach on the global level, with the assurance of secure transactions. Moreover, DHgate offers comprehensive buyer protection policies, guaranteeing refunds or replacements in case of product discrepancies or unsatisfactory transactions. 

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  1. Alibaba

Alibaba concludes the list as one of the largest B2B marketplaces globally, offering an extensive range of products across numerous categories. It serves as an ideal platform for businesses seeking to engage in bulk trading activities.

Furthermore, as a B2B marketplace, Alibaba offers trade assurance services, ensuring buyers’ protection against quality issues and transactional risks. Businesses can leverage Alibaba’s bulk purchasing capabilities and negotiate pricing terms directly with suppliers. Sellers can create customizable storefronts to showcase their brands and products effectively. 

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Technological advancements have revolutionized the B2B trading landscape, and online marketplaces are not only streamlining transactions but also eliminating geographical limitations and ensuring quality control. This has fostered a highly competitive environment but also created a wealth of opportunities for businesses.

 To help you navigate these options, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 B2B marketplaces in Taiwan and recognized leaders in the industry.

 We hope this curated list serves as a valuable guide in your journey toward finding the right B2B marketplace for your business needs.

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