The Importance of Customer-centric Storytelling toward Building your Brand

The Importance of Customer-centric Storytelling toward Building your Brand

Every time a marketer is asked, “What can you do to propel your brand’s image?” one word instantly pops up in the head: content.

Indeed. Everyone is crazy about content, which sort of explains why a lot of companies are opting to increase their marketing spend on that area. Reinforced by a belief that lead generation relies heavily on how a brand is presented, marketers frenzy over pushing the best possible content that can attract the best possible leads.

Basically, it is all about telling people that your brand is the greatest thing that ever existed. Backing this up of course requires an effective story.

But will it ever help if you emphasize more on your product’s inherent value?

It is an aged old method, but as buyers have developed well-informed decisions overtime, it is important for businesses to realize the need to try a different approach in which the customer assumes a central role.

Mere product promotion at this point does not help but open up a lot of risks. Buyers are smart enough to know the right solutions for the specific issues and problems they are facing. Other than that, there are other advantages to think about:

Improved rapport

Creating messages that directly relate to your audience improves the way they look at your brand. It gets you closer to the heart and soul of your audience, and in a way lays the groundwork for a nascent long-term relationship.

Better strategies

When you focus on the needs of the market, you will get a more expansive picture of what it generally wants. In effect, you will be able to come up with better content marketing strategies based on what you have discovered straight from the field.

Better products

Also, learning more about your customer than your product’s value to them is indispensable for developing certain aspects of your offers. Allowing yourself to discover what a buyer particularly wants in a product that you might want to consider improving it later on.

Advantage over the competition

If a rival brand focuses on drawing more traffic through content, you best keep off that road. Instead, focus your efforts on actually educating your public and sharing with them technical knowledge, the stuff they have not yet learned from anywhere else. This builds buyer confidence which eventually leads them into engaging you further down the funnel.

With buyers becoming more articulate in their choices for solutions, would you still insist on forcing your products on them?

Apparently not, because customer-centric content is the most important aspect of marketing at present and marketers need to come up with lead generation strategies that put them in the shoes of their public.