The Three Telemarketing Mistakes That Companies Can Make

The Three Telemarketing Mistakes That Companies Can Make

The thing about telemarketing, and why it gives a lot of grief for countless companies, can be traced to the poor management and planning practices that one often commits in the name of marketing. Really, if you want to generate good sales leads, you have got to know how to do things properly. More often than not, we fall into marketing practices that cause nothing but trouble to us. If anything, we should avoid them. But to do that, we have to first know what can cause our B2B lead generation campaigns to fail. Knowing is winning half the battle, so to speak. It is up to us on how to correct these mistakes.

Let us start with the first error that even veteran appointment setters commit: making assumptions. But what could be even more troublesome for business would be to make a bad assumption. Marketers need to examine data most of the time in order to make sensible marketing plans. The problem here is when we make conclusions based only on an initial set of data. Or, like some marketers do, they skew the data to be obtained in order to get favorable results. That is not a good business practice. Indeed, it can pull you back. So, for you to be more effective as a marketer, be honest. Get all the data that you can possibly get. Only when you have the details should you make a conclusion.

Another error that marketers make lies with the way they plan the campaign. Most marketers today, especially those pressured to hit the numbers, are focused on creating campaigns that drive the sale. That is not a good business move. Business these days is all about establishing a relationship with your customers. And you can only do that by applying yourself in various marketing touch points. You have to be everywhere, in any medium, in order to connect with the most number of people. And instead of spending big bucks on traditional advertising, maybe a little telemarketing survey on the major influencers might be more effective. At least you know who can get to your audience better.

Lastly, despite what others say, nothing beats the original. That is the same thing with marketing. Maybe you got interested with the marketing strategy employed by another company. It was so effective that you wanted to imitate it. While trying to emulate the success of another company in generating B2B leads is not all together bad, you should also know that copying them is inviting problems for your firm. Remember, that strategy worked on them because they are ‘them’, not ‘you. See what happened to Radio Shack when they tried to copy Apple’s branding strategy. It can be that bad, really. As a sensible marketer, why not try tapping into your creative juices and come up with an appointment setting strategy that works well for you?

See? These are the mistakes that you should be avoiding in your telemarketing campaigns. Are there any other bad marketing moves that you can share?