Three Sources Of Telesales Burnout In Australia

a stressed call center agent

Getting burned-out during work is natural. This is a constant in all businesses, including those in Australia. Whether this is in terms of marketing or lead generation, you can expect your people to have lose some steam during their work. When that happens, well, that is bad news, since this will affect your ability to generate sales leads. But what could cause your team to burn out? The reasons might surprise you. Just take a look at the reasons below:

  1. You work too long – this pretty much explains why our workaholic appointment setting representatives look about ready to drop. Working long hours might sound like getting more work done, but this simply is an invitation to break down.
  2. Boredom – doing repetitive telesales tasks is just too bad. Adding a little variety during work (like the time you make calls, or maybe a change of scenery) can help fight off the boredom. Besides, getting bored at work can make it harder for you lead generation team to provide quality work.
  3. Not getting praised enough – the mind can be a powerful motivator in generating good B2B leads. You need to regularly praise or commend the good work of your people. That will make them feel appreciated and will encourage them to work harder.

These are just some issues that you need to address in order to avoid work burn-outs. Failure to do that will just induce your lead generation team to get burned out. No one would want that, right?