Top 3 Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing Every CEO Must Know

Top 3 Benefits of Multi-channel Marketing Every CEO Must Know

For my 10 years of experience in sales and marketing, I found out that it is important to interact with prospects through different channels – email, voice, social, web, mobile and chat. As a business owner, you know this is the best solution to increase your sales and grow your business.

I’ve listed down the top 3 benefits of multi-channel marketing that will make you say, I need to implement this within my organization.

#1. Be where your prospects are.

Most of the time, customers research for products online before they make a decision to purchase. Reaching out to a wider audience using different channels will increase your visibility. Regardless of what channel or medium they use, as long as you are visible to your prospects, you are getting your message across. Check out these Top 5 digital marketing tools and use them to capture B2B clients.

#2. Respond to prospects in real time.

Multi-channel marketing allows you to analyze the best day and time your prospects are more active to reach out and interact with them right away. Staying on top of your customer’s activities and engage them in a conversation when they are most likely to respond. Knowing when and your prospects preferred channel to use to interact with them increases your chances of responding to their calls, emails, comments, chat support inquiries, etc.

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#3. The long-term multi-channel marketing campaign can deliver a significant increase in the growth of your business.

Long-term benefits include:

  • Better results. Using different channels to communicate and interact with your prospects allows you to reach a wider audience. Meaning, you’ve also increased your chances of receiving feedback from your customers. Feedbacks allow you to understand your customers better, learn more about them and identify the things that you can improve upon.
  • An increase in sales and better ROI. Having different ways to become visible to your customers allows them to reach out to buy something from you. How you capture your prospect’s attention will depend on your message but it is one way to interact with them, build a relationship and walk them through their buying process. Learn how to use The Right Sales Process To Pump Up Your Sales Performance.

What to do to make sure you can use multi-channel marketing for your benefit?

  • Create a social media account or page to all medium – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • Assign someone with experience on social media to handle your social media campaigns. Turn social followers to qualified leads!
  • Set up an email campaign and have a designated person to handle it.
  • Hire someone to create high-quality contents and do blogging.
  • Lead generation campaign. Either you develop your own team or outsource a B2B lead generation company to handle this campaign for you.

The bottom line is whatever marketing strategy you implement, your main goal is to make your business visible to your target customers. There is no doubt that reaching out to a wider audience using multi-channel marketing will eventually let your company grow and increase your revenue.