Top Marketing Tactics that B2B Cleaning Companies can get from B2C

Top Marketing Tactics that B2B Cleaning Companies can get from B2C

For many B2B cleaning companies, getting the attention of target clients and converting them into qualified commercial cleaning leads is tantamount to cleansing a corporate restroom of grime.

They may as well try these solutions that worked best for many B2C enterprises, as outlined by New Destiny Media’s John Pate:

1) Overeducate

Many of the potential leads coming to your website aren’t ready to buy. They’re just aware they have a problem. You’ve encountered that kind of prospect, right? They may be aware their current company is not doing a top notch job, or they’ve been trying to clean using their own employees.

Draw upon your knowledge and write educational pieces that will intersect your potential customers at their pain points. That way, you build trust and perceived capability.

2) Identify Your Audience

As you publish all that great educational content on your website, make sure you keep your target audience in mind. Who is your audience? You may have to search to find out.

Go online and start entering search terms just like one your potential customers would. See what pops up. You’re looking for forums and user groups. Check out some of the questions they’re asking. To your horror, you’ll find out not every “expert” knows what they’re talking about. Fodder for your blog! This really is the key to publishing online: Find that narrow little niche everyone else has missed and share some helpful information about it.

3) Simplify your Buying Process

Successful B2C companies have this down really well. Go online to your favorite retailer, find a product, click “add to cart,” checkout, done. Many online B2Cs even save your credit card information making it ever so simple to buy.

If you’re quoting to large corporate entities, they’ll love a clean and smooth look to your sales process. Just because you’ve always done it one way doesn’t mean you can’t change.

4) Give Something Away

Have you ever bought a bottle of wine after tasting some of it? Personally, I love “supermarket grazing.” I think the local Sam’s Club has this hands-down. Sure, some people get annoyed, but if Sam’s wasn’t successful at the practice, do you think they’d be giving product away and paying people to give it away?

Here’s a cleaning supplies vendor who’s giving away some product – Procyon. If they can, you can. By giving something away you:

  •         Look like a hero.
  •         Build trust.
  •         Educate your customer about new products.
  •         Sell your service along with using the product. Make your vendor happy too.

5) Relate at a Human Level

Today, business people are looking for solutions more than the services you’re providing. So you need to be able to interact with your prospects at the level of their goals and needs throughout the entire sales process – the first seven seconds of your first touch being the most critical (source: Forbes).

Commercial cleaning organizations can also employ top notch lead generation services to help them get their message out and pull potential clients in.

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