How Australian Companies Can Turn Bad Reviews Into Opportunities – The Callbox Way

How Australian Companies Can Turn Bad Reviews Into Opportunities - The Callbox Way

B2B companies shouldn’t always expect strawberries and kisses from both existing and previous clients. Other times, they have to deal with bad reviews. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise even to multi-awarded brands that put client expectations in the forefront.

But it’s not always that expectations are met. Like everything else in the universe, companies need to realize that perfection is an impossibility. But this doesn’t mean companies should just roll with all the criticism they’re getting. These bad reviews however injurious can actually identify and address areas of improvement in an enterprise.

Even for a B2B marketing service that has been known for delivering high-quality results to clients across various industries, Callbox also has its fair share of bad reviews from Australian clients. But instead of thinking about how “haters got to hate,” we just decide to focus on making important changes to the way we do things here.

How to Turn Criticisms into Opportunities

A case in point was how one client felt that the leads we generated were not in line with their revenue goals. When we saw the review for the very first time, we immediately conferred the teams handling the campaigns to figure out what went wrong. Eventually, we were able to pool our inputs together and made pre-emptive action plans to prevent a similar issue in the future.

In our case, we put our best foot forward in our lead nurturing and qualification. We were able to define our lead generation processes thoroughly and made necessary changes to ensure the quality work we put into handling our clients’ marketing campaigns. As an added measure, the Callbox Pipeline was further developed to give clients, even more, control over their sales prospects.

Aside from improving our infrastructure for generating quality sales leads, we also focused more on continuous training of the manpower we currently have. It is, after all, every business’ philosophy that points to human talent as a driver of business success. This is why we were able to improve the performance of our teams by hearing them out and update their skills when possible. After all, you can’t just brag without something to show for it. And sometimes, you only need to secure the best results by keeping in constant communication with your team members and develop skills that focus mainly on making the right talking points that target audiences can respond to.

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A Rainbow After the Storm

We were able, to sum up, this experience by realizing just how essential it is to consider every criticism that clients make on certain products and services. We learned that certain drawbacks can actually help improve companies even more and it makes sense for these companies to accept every single review, however harsh, as an important part of business growth.

But far from the fact that constructive criticisms can impact the bottom line, acting on these criticisms is also useful in terms of keeping clients happy and contented with the service. For sure, such criticisms can put your brand’s reputation on the brink of failure. Oftentimes, you just can’t help but be defensive about it by giving reasons and not admitting your own imperfections. But it is always a good idea to just act fast on these criticisms rather than to wait for these to blow over. If anything, letting these criticisms unaddressed only works to cause your business to stagnate.

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At the end of the day, you will have to make sure that your responses to criticisms are well-suited to address the needs of your enterprise and, more importantly, those of your clients. Because if you can do it well enough, you can regain the trust you have lost and provide your business a needed boost in its reputation.

For us here at Callbox, we were able to reap a great deal of praise on account of the responsiveness we reserve for our clients. Here’s what Agent Branding System Founder and CEO Jonathan Anderson have to say:

“I’ve used Callbox now for about four months for my internet marketing company. The first two months they did not pay off. However, with some additional training on my part, they started to close a higher percentage of my target audience. They’re really smart, nice and are really working hard to keep my business. My dedicated team keeps me up-to-date with frequent communications. My ROI is getting stronger and my CPA is starting to drop.”