Why Use Telemarketing to get Leads for an ISP in Australia?

Reasons Why Should You Use Telemarketing to get ISP Leads in Australia

Admit it. When your phone’s ringing and you don’t know who’s calling, chances are you won’t answer it. The reason we put names to numbers is because we want to know who’s on the other end and decide whether to take the call or not. Truth be told, there are few things we hate more than some company’s sales rep asking about our buying habits and such.

How did those guys get our number in the first place?

See, “cold calling” is a little bit like stalking, only more glorified, and done in good faith. That’s why despite the notoriety, it is still undeniably one of the better ways to reach a group of targeted prospects or customers to communicate a message, gather feedback, and determine the next step in the buying cycle. Although new technologies and services are being used, however, the telephone, as a sales and marketing instrument, is far from dead as it makes contact with a large number of prospective customers much quicker; plus, it allows for real, personal communication.

A survey carried out by B2B Marketing in association with The Telemarketing Company produced some reassuring statistics:

Over 50% of respondents have increased their use of telemarketing over the last couple of years. tweet this!

45% of companies surveyed increased their expenses on telemarketing in the same period. tweet this!

75% of respondents use telemarketing to prospect and acquire customers. tweet this!

So, what’s with good old-fashioned telemarketing that makes it thrive in this era where social media seems to have a solid grip on?

Brings a Captive Audience

The ISP business is one that needs extra-aggressive marketing. When you’re selling the product, you can’t rely on people just coming to you. You need a team of dedicated people who can directly sell your product to the people who most need it. This isn’t simply cold calling; it’s designing a campaign to target those businesses and individuals that might benefit most from the product. With telemarketing, as soon as the phone is answered, the receiver is reeled in because he has no choice but to listen. A team of experienced telemarketers can target likely clients and more effectively approach hundreds of potential clients, rapidly improving your chances of new business generation.

Powerful yet Cost-effective

Using telemarketers to generate leads means increased sales revenue and greatly reduces the amount it costs to make a sale. It is a powerful and cost effective marketing tool, since the only expense involved is the telemarketers’ salary and the phone bills. Whether your ISP company is a start-up or a key player in the big leagues, you still want to cut costs, or at least use the funds appropriately. And when you use telemarketers to generate your leads, you free up your sales teams to do what they’re good at – which is making sales!

Gives Direct Feedback from the Customer

When your sales rep calls a lead, it means you almost always get an answer, even if it’s sometimes not the kind you were hoping for. Telemarketing allows you to immediately gauge your customer’s level of interest in your product or service. Unlike other forms, like the social media, where response may also be fast but not as quick, or traditional advertising, where all you get is a vague answer at best, telemarketing gives you the feedback you need, thereby allowing you to make decisions and adjustments on the fly. This can give you an edge over your competitors by quickly responding to customer needs. Specifically…

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Explains Technical Issues more Clearly

If you’re selling internet service, being adept at the technical side of things is non-negotiable. It follows that everybody in the team should have a deep understanding of how the technology works. Telemarketing is advantageous in this aspect since customers can easily get detailed and easily understood answers for every query.

Allows Wider Sales Reach

Just the thought of selling a product – any product, in Australia is challenging, at least logistics-wise. With telemarketing, the company can sell from a distance, virtually increasing its sales territory. You can even extend your business reach by contacting potential customers around the world, and expanding your business on a global scale if desired. And once you enter different time zones, telemarketing comes in handy, enabling non-stop selling 24 hours a day. After all, the internet business is just as dynamic.

Attracts Patrons

Telemarketing provides a successful way to improve lead generation, and ultimately, sales by selling directly to those that are already using the product or service. Existing customers are much more easily converted because you don’t need to convince them of your expertise, reputation or benefits. Once you’ve established your credibility as a sought-after ISP, you can use telemarketing to offer extended service, upgrades and further features on something they’ve already bought, or offer them a completely new product or service. If the existing customer is happy with what they bought from you in the past, the worst that can happen is that they will simply reject your new offer. But since they were willing to listen in the first place, it wasn’t much of a challenge and you can still call them again in the future with new offers.

Provides Measurable Stats

An Internet Service Provider is expected to rely on number crunchers to churn out advanced analytics pertaining to sales and marketing. Using telemarketing makes the job simpler because campaign results can be analyzed, reported upon and measured, to provide a detailed picture of how successful the campaign has been. Additionally, an insight is provided into which methods are most effective, such as whether using a “scripted” speech or a more spontaneous and conversational style works best with your particular target audience. This valuable information can be used to increase success rates for future campaigns, allowing the company to decide whether or not to include telemarketing in their strategic plans for business growth.

It’s All in the Rapport

Enhanced customer service is often the only way to differentiate yourself from your competitors, and is valued by consumers who remain loyal to companies that understand their needs. Telemarketing allows a company to create a rapport with its customers, and to provide a personal service catering specifically to their requirements.

It goes without saying that telemarketing can significantly boost product awareness, improve your business image, and ultimately your bottom line.

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