Why You Shouldn’t Ask, “Is this a bad time to talk?”

Why You Shouldn't Ask, "Is this a bad time to talk?"

Most decision makers are busy. So you have to know when is the best time to call them. Just because they answer the phone doesn’t mean they’re available to talk to you. This is why most sales reps asks, Is this a bad time to talk?

Salesperson asks this question to show respect for their prospect’s time.  However, starting off your introduction with “is this a bad time?” indicates a negative thought that you are about to ask for a longer time to pitch in your product. To them,  it may also mean you are about to waste their time by selling something they don’t need.

Here are the 5 reasons why sales reps should never ask this question.

You’re stating the obvious.

Calling a prospect means you are about to interrupt them from what they’re doing. So it’s like asking the prospect, “Is this the best time to interrupt you?”

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You’re making the prospect realize about their workload.

When a salesperson asks, is this a bad time means you’re reminding the prospect how annoying you are for calling them when they have a lot of things to do. Leaving them wanting to answer you, “Yes, it is.” or “I’m actually busy right now.”

You’re losing the opportunity.

When prospects are too busy and is not expecting an important call, they won’t answer the phone. But the fact that he picked up the phone means they are available to talk for a short period of time. However, if they felt like they’re being interrupted by a nonsense salesperson asking if it’s a bad time, they are more likely to say “no” and brush you off.

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You’re placing your prospects on the defensive mode.

Asking the prospect “Is this a bad time to talk?” shows respect by allowing your prospect to decline your call if they’re not available. At the same time implying that you want some of their time. However, you’re encouraging the prospect to be defensive and protect their limited hours by rejecting your call and hang up on you immediately.

Prospects expect it.

If you start your call with a traditional “salesy” pitch such as “How are you doing today?” and  “Is this a bad time to talk?” you’ll find the call to end before it even begins. Skip the sales questions part that the prospects usually hear from sales reps. Here’s how to gain prospect’s trust

When calling a prospect, you’re trying to earn a minute of their time. And in sales call, time is precious. So always make it short and brief. Be direct to the point and provide prospects with something valuable.

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