Telemarketing Lead Generation in Australia

Maximize cold calling results with targeted sales calls

Fuel your B2B sales pipeline in Australia with our results-driven telemarketing expertise. We secure high-impact appointments with qualified leads, fostering long-term client relationships. Our focus on lead quality ensures you connect with key decision-makers.

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Callbox Clients

Over 10,000 Successful B2B Leads Generated Since 2004 with Callbox.

Generate Qualified Leads Through Outsourced Telesales

Leading the industry since 2010, Callbox excels in Outsourced Telesales and Outbound Calling, supporting 1,500+ B2B partners across diverse industries in Australia and beyond.


We help you optimize reach and conversions with our lead generation expertise

Get customized lead generation solutions tailored to your business needs with our expert telemarketing services.

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    Identify your Target Market

    Stay one step ahead of the competition and maximize success through precise ideal business profile identification streamlined by our rich B2B database.

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    Leverage Outbound Telemarketing

    Maximize results with expert cold callers, generating qualified appointments and event invitations through strategic telephone marketing initiatives.

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    Secure Potential Clients

    Fuel sales success with SMART Engage and streamline your team’s lead qualification process.

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    Exceed your Telemarketing Sales

    Our expertise ensures that you gain B2B telemarketing leads that convert and exceed sales targets.

At the core of our strategy, we facilitate client success through effective target customer identification, direct connections with decision-makers, and delivering actionable insights for smarter marketing and sales decisions. Our approach sets the stage for efficient sales conversations that drive valuable meetings and foster sustained customer loyalty.

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Scale faster in Australian markets through outsourced telemarketing

New South Wales

New South Wales

With over 600 clients and counting, NSW companies make up the largest group in our AU client base. Learn more about how we boost revenues for NSW-based B2B organizations.



Around 1 in 4 Australia-based clients in our project portfolio come from Victoria. Check out the client success stories and results we’ve delivered to companies in this state so far.

Callbox Queensland


We’ve now worked with 206 companies from Queensland in a wide range of campaigns. Find out how our strategies helped QLD-based clients grow.

Callbox Western Australia

Western Australia

While making up the smallest group in our client portfolio, WA companies have been a constant source of key marketing lessons. Uncover these crucial marketing insights.

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Callbox Lead Generation Success Stories

Digital Signage Firm Achieves Impressive Lead Count with Callbox Campaign

The Client The Client, a digital signage technology specialist company, is a pioneering force in the technology industry that consistently delivers state-of-the-art marketing solutions. With extensive knowledge and expertise in digital signage and mobile advertising, they empower businesses to attract their target audience with unparalleled precision. Their innovative platform equips companies with dynamic content creation, […]

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Over 14 years, Callbox has been driven to help B2B businesses of all sizes and sectors reach their business goals, one high-quality lead at a time. Our in-depth industry knowledge has earned us a good global reputation, helping businesses drive revenue and expand to wider markets, including ANZ.

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