Callbox Webinar: To Call or Not to Call? 5 Times Telemarketing is the Answer


Callbox started business in 2004. Back then, a calling list and a phone were everything we needed to generate leads and book appointments for our clients. But, over the course of seventeen years or so, some things changed.

From a mere lead generation company, Callbox has evolved into a global Multi-channel Sales & Marketing Support firm, and is now leading the pack with a suite of relevant B2B services such as Lead Generation, Account-based Marketing, Database Solutions, Event Marketing, Webinar, and Cross-border Marketing services, through its Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, and USA offices.

It’s growth, however, was not achieved as quick and easy as how it’s written here. Callbox went through several phases of innovations which were carried out by upscaling its in-house tools, adapting to technology transformations, and strengthening brand presence through events and partnerships.

One of the many breakthroughs of telemarketing which Callbox fully adopted is Multi-Channel Lead Generation, where apart from voice or calling, other channels were infused such as email, chat, web, social media, and webinar, to engage prospects at a place and time they are most comfortable to talk.

However, the rise of these channels led to skepticism in some marketers as to whether engaging a prospect in a call would still be relevant in the buyer’s journey or not, as surveys and white papers pen email, content, and social media, to be the most effective marketing channels today, hence, leading them torn between to call or not to call.

In the coming Callbox webinar titled, To Call Or Not To Call? 5 Times Telemarketing is the Answer, on August 18, 2021, at 1 PM SGT, which will be hosted by Callbox’s Marketing Coordinator, Charmaine Espanola, you will finally decide as you bag these takeaways:

  • Telemarketing is the most effective tool for generating leads, nurturing them, and qualifying prospects
  • Knowing when to and not to call a prospect can give you favorable results and better conversions
  • Resonate, and engage buyers at every Moment of Truth

In the webinar, you will learn how Callbox leverages multi-channel marketing differently through its SMART Calling approach which will help you engage the most responsive, and ready to talk potential buyers in your next telemarketing campaign.