Callbox Concludes Content Marketing Webinar a Success


Callbox bagged another success with its recently concluded live webinar, Capture Future Customers, Produce Content That Makes Prospects Buy. The engagement rate among attendees was high which left Ben, Callbox Content Manager and webinar host, catering more questions beyond the estimated 1 hour duration of the session.

Another good thing about the webinar was, the team didn’t have to bone up on topics to discuss, but just focused on the goal to share insights on how to deliver content that guides prospects as they travel the path from discovery to purchase, and still hit the mark.

Below are the attendees’ takeaways:

  • Learned the different content types and templates to use across channels like email, social, phone, web, chat and more
  • How to create custom content for all stages of the buyer’s journey
  • Identified the right CTAs to use that can surely move prospects to the next stage of the sales cycle
  • How to cut through the content sea of sameness and outsell competitors

A study showed that 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing, spending 46% of their budget on content creation and plan to double their efforts in the next five years. The Callbox Capture Future Customers, Produce Content That Makes Prospects Buy live webinar proved these statistics right with its 52% conversion rate from registration to attendees, which is substantially higher than the typical conversion rate average of 45%.
The success drives Callbox to produce more virtual events about relevant sales and marketing topics that would help business leaders come up with careful decisions. And, one of the upcoming webinars to look forward to is Callbox Spotlight: How Successful Tech Companies Leverage Outsourced Marketing, on June 30, 2 PM SGT and July 2, 11 AM PDT.