Huddle 2020: The Much Needed Change To Reshape Business, and To Grow


Like greased lightning, Huddle 2020: Reshape your Business and Transform The Way You Grow conference went fast, bustling, and fun. The three-hour virtual event gathered the most influential industry leaders in APAC who shared their insights and expert advice on sage tools and strategies that businesses should adopt in order to keep a competitive advantage.

Rom Agustin, Callbox CEO, chaired the keynote presentation and went over the key attributes of what makes a B2B shapeshifter and how these unique traits contribute to their success and growth. The Callbox founder believes that company leaders should be keen to note the importance of adapting to change, which areas need to be refined, and the right technology stack to use. His insights were articulated in three separate sessions that followed.

In session 1, Callbox Client Services Manager, Mitos, together with Kaddra CEO, Quentin Chiarugi, delved into topics about technologies that can carry out the change that companies want to happen in the business and the challenges that come along with it, aside from pressing on the importance and benefits of mobile commerce in today’s business landscape.

Also, Callbox’s Account Manager, Patricia, teamed up with HubSpot’s Channel Consultant, Chiara Gaviraghi, in session 2, and shared tips and insights on the most effective ways businesses can optimize their sales process. The two marketing-savvy ladies also touched on the different tools, processes and frameworks that organizations can incorporate into their business to better manage workflows.

There were also networking opportunities in between sessions where attendees connected with Callbox Sales and Marketing consultants and industry peers, to ask questions, exchange thoughts, and uncover ideas.

And, capping this year’s virtual conference was a collaboration of three brilliant Callbox femme leaders from different departments in a fun and learning discussion in session 3: Rebecca for Marketing, Bernadette for Sales and Mitos for Client Services. The talk focused on how each leader reinvented their processes and teams in order to easily adapt to change and still keep sales productivity at scale.

We’ve been through hard sledding this year, but we managed to get through. Callbox is looking forward to sharing more insights and knowledge, discovering tools and strategies, and helping you transform the way you grow your business. With the right tools, strategies and a positive set of mind, we’ll surely have a smooth ride to Huddle 2021, and beyond.