Sell the Webinar First, Your Product Second: The Key to a Standout Virtual Event


Callbox’s Sell the Webinar First, Your Product Second webinar was a sold out success. It was held last May 27, in two different time zones, 11 AM SGT and 11 AM PDT, to cater both APAC and US attendees. The live virtual event talked about creating and hosting a real standout virtual event, which is key to engaging audiences – both current and future customers, and elaborated on the following topics:

Identifying your Invitees

In this topic, attendees learned how to identify the right audience and categorize them into different types based on their behaviours to be able to craft the right messaging for each.

Preparing to Promote

Tips were shared on how to prepare and choose the appropriate channels to use in promoting webinars like hosting and ticketing platforms, as well as optimizing website, email and social media.

Securing the Signup

The discussion focused on leveraging video email when sending out reminders to ensure that the target number of sign ups is achieved.

Forget Not the Follow-up

The webinar also taught how to manage No Shows, Non-Registrants and action steps on how to properly follow-up attendees.

Analyzing it All After

Here, attendees were advised to look closely into the webinar results like attendee profiles, surveys, polls and feedback, and use the data as success metrics and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Overall, the webinar paved the way for the attendees to learn how to leverage marketing automation to drive registration, attendees and conversions from virtual events.

Callbox’s core service is to provide quality leads for its clients to help them achieve optimal growth, but also sees the importance of educating them which is key to better engagement and gaining their trust. This is how the successful sales and marketing masterclasses were incepted that educated clients on sales prospecting, marketing automation, email marketing, and all other topics relevant to business growth.

And, we’re happy to let you know that we have another webinar coming up on June 17, at 2 PM SGT and 11 AM PDT, titled Capture Future Customers: Produce Content That Makes Prospects Buy with Callbox’s Content Manager, Ben, who will share knowledge on how to create compelling content and the right channels to use. Be there and let’s learn together.