Not Your Grandma’s Sales Cadence: Selling in 2020 – The Kickoff


Sales cadence is one of the most popular sales tools, and Callbox has got the right one for you:

Not Your Grandma’s Sales Cadence: Selling in 2020.

Not Your Grandma’s Sales Cadence: Selling in 2020 (webinar) that will happen on February 27, 2:00 PM SGT

Fresh from last year’s sales prospecting masterclass series which focused on providing insights on modern ABM sales prospecting strategies, the lead management solutions leader is back, all up and ready to share another sales and marketing tool that has been working well for them in generating leads and closing deals for the past fifteen years.

This year, Callbox delves into the middle of the funnel, focusing on proper lead nurturing and qualification, and enhancing a prospect’s engagement by using the right sales cadence. A stage in the buyer’s journey that is quite difficult to manage as it conjures a bulk of critical steps on handling leads from marketing to sales as well as tightening lead quality.

In the upcoming masterclass, Callbox will free the funnel from bottlenecks by sharing knowledge on the right sales cadence that will help carry out successful handoffs of leads from marketing to sales.

Webinar Speakers

The following topics will be discussed:

  • A Sales Cadence That Will Land You Meetings
  • Elements Of A Sales Cadence
  • Channels And Content Commonly Used
  • Expanding Your Sales Cadence
  • Different Messaging For A Different Purpose
  • Sales Cadence For New Sales
  • Sales Cadence For Repeat Business

Callbox’s seasoned femme leader, Charmaine Española, Callbox’s Creative Director for Marketing, will conduct the masterclass.

Attendees are ensured of the following key takeaways:

  • Acquire ease in tracking your place in the process without duplicating or missing a step.
  • Be able to refine challenging points and identify the most effective steps in the process. 
  • Learn to focus and prioritize efforts on the most important tasks through sequencing.

Join us on February 27, 2:00 PM SGT and learn how to manage your leads with ease and transform into high converting opportunities at, Not Your Grandma’s Sales Cadence: Selling in 2020.