Rebecca Matias Assumes Role as Callbox’s New COO

rebecca matias promotion to COO

In our ongoing quest for leadership excellence and global market growth, it is our delight to announce Rebecca Matias’s promotion to Chief Operating Officer at Callbox. Rebecca, with her extensive industry knowledge and innovative strategies, has been instrumental in shaping the company’s trajectory in the B2B sector.

Rom Agustin, CEO-Founder of Callbox, expresses excitement, acknowledging her pivotal contributions that have propelled the company to new heights of global acclaim. As COO, Rebecca will further bolster our operational capabilities and drive strategic expansion.

Expressing gratitude for this opportunity, she shares her vision for the future, underscoring the importance of collaboration with both the team and clients to pioneer new paths and set benchmarks in the B2B market.

Since joining Callbox in 2008, Rebecca has been a driving force behind our successes. Her strategic leadership has led to our expansion into the APAC and LATAM regions, resulting in an impressive 40% growth in market penetration over the past three years.

She has fostered valuable tech partnerships that have significantly improved our operational efficiency, resulting in a remarkable 25% reduction in client acquisition costs and heightened overall client satisfaction. Her unwavering focus on operational excellence has streamlined internal processes, leading to a notable 30% increase in productivity across various departments.

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A Quick Encounter with Queck

Rebecca is affectionately referred to by her colleagues as “Queck.” Having a “go-getter” attitude, you’ll seldom hear her say “no” to any challenge. Instead, she embraces change and seizes opportunities with steadfast dedication.

With her impressive eight-year tenure in sales and marketing, she is the go-to professional when it comes to sealing deals and tailoring solutions to meet clients’ unique needs. Her success is attributed to her mastery of maintaining strong and seamless client connections, all made possible through consistent communication.

In addition to her professional achievements, Rebecca holds an MBA and a Chemical Engineering degree from Ateneo de Davao, Philippines. Her journey began at Shell Oil in 2004, where she strategically navigated fuel distribution. Later, as the Deputy Team Leader at The Louis Berger Group, she orchestrated connections and managed logistics for notable events and VIP visits.

Rebecca’s dynamic spirit, combined with her exceptional PR and communication skills, has firmly positioned her as a driving force behind Callbox’s triumphs. As she continues to inspire and spearhead innovative projects at the company, her journey serves as a testament to the fusion of passion and professionalism.

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Towards Exciting Business Strides and New Horizons

As we embark on this thrilling new chapter, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the lasting impact and fresh innovations that Rebecca Matias, our new Chief Operating Officer, will bring to Callbox’s pursuit of excellence in the dynamic B2B market.

To Queck, our warmest congratulations on this remarkable achievement!