[WEBINAR] Sell the Webinar First, Your Product Second

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Making Your Virtual Event a Real Standout With Marketing Automation

After the success of our Sales Cadence webinar series held during the first quarter of this year, we are back with another topic designed to complement your learnings and add to your skills from the previous webinar.

More than just generating leads, events can help you build rapport, strengthen your relationship with clients and peers, and become one of the recognized names in the industry. Events should be a staple on your marketing menu. With the current restrictions on large gatherings though, events have transitioned online.

For sure, with the sudden surge in webinars and virtual events, your prospects are faced with so many accessible opportunities to learn and network. You are not the only one presenting them with invitations to your virtual events. Your goal is to stand out among all their webinar options and convince them to choose your event.

Callbox’s creative team will facilitate the webinar and will be hosted by its Creative Director for Marketing, Charmaine Española, who will discuss the following topics and how they fit into your automated marketing campaign:

  • Identifying your Invitees – Be sure not to miss any possible attendee
  • Preparing to Promote – Line up the materials you need to get the word out
  • Securing the Signup – Don’t just send generic invites. Get creative!
  • Analyzing it All After – Gain as much insight as you can from your event metrics

After the webinar, all attendees are assured of the following takeaways:

  • Be able to optimize marketing automation in virtual events
  • Learn the key steps for executing B2B webinars with marketing automation
  • Acquire knowledge on marketing automation’s best practices, tools and solutions to generate better results

Leverage the power of Marketing Automation and create personalized customer experiences through events. Join the Sell the Webinar First, Your Product Second webinar on May 27, 11:00 AM.