Callbox Brings the Sunshine to Sales Lead Generation [CASE STUDY]


Callbox Brings the Sunshine to Sales Lead Generation


The Client is a new electricity retailer based in Sydney. The Client is rapidly hitting the Australian market with their integrated energy solutions. The current lead generation campaign they are running with Callbox is beaming with rays of potential in providing full energy service to Australian consumers.


 SME, all types except competitors (1-500 employees)

 PIC for the company’s electricity bill, Owner, Manager, Office Manager, Accounts, Finance, Procurement Manager, Facilities Manager, etc.


The initial, single seat campaign period was launched in July 2015. The main call objective was to set a face-to-face appointment for the Client with prospects bearing the discussion on the best solutions to lower down energy bills. The initial production generated 28 leads. This impressive production of leads from the initial period of calling inspired enough trust and confidence from the Client that they recommended our service to their sister company, a Clean Energy Regulator service provider. Callbox worked well and delivered the same amount of hard work and professionalism to the latter which resulted to a very good number of leads of 150, and renewal for another campaign contract.

The second part ran with 3 calling agents, and added 3 more campaigns which the Client branded as “special campaigns”, generating a total of 79 leads which finished with 96 leads. All these were achieved through the collaborated resources of both the Client’s sales team who drove so much vigor in sharing knowledge with the callers, coupled with Callbox’s multi-channel marketing processes.


“The Energizers”
How much time does it take for a business to grow and step into the ladder of success? This energy retailer expert rolled 3 significant factors into 1 package and took a big leap as the leading energy retailer.

Client’s Full Engagement with the Callbox Team
Before each campaign starts, the client spends ample time to train the callers about their products and services. Also, the client’s sales team directly coaches the agent on call handling, like the proper approach when speaking with prospects and effective game plans that would bring in close-to-sale contacts.

Particular to Targets
The campaign materials like the script, brochures/collaterals, calendar invites, database and email templates, go through their meticulous checking and approval before anything else go live. The client makes it a point that the call activities are focused on the target market. Such careful planning makes the process of reaching the target prospects an easy task for both teams.

Impossible to Resist
What makes this energy retail expert stand out among competitors? Let’s just take 3 answers among the many.

  • They do careful analysis of the prospects’ current energy cost & provide them with customized, competitive solutions.
  • Customers who are in contract with their current providers are given the best offer that is hard to decline.
  • Prospects that said “no” during the telephone conversation with the agent but expressed their willingness to explore other options in the future, are saved and treated as “follow-ups”, instead of discarding them from the target list.

Now running is campaign month 4. With the planned action to integrate a power dialer tool with the current resources being used, the quality of leads generated is positive sign of a long term relationship between the client and Callbox.


This leading energy retailer is taking delectation on each campaign month that we run for them. They value each lead delivered to them by the calling team and take pride in the glowing work relationship they have with Callbox.


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