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Callbox Profiles Key In House List for Government Agency Lifts Email KPIs (Case Study)

Callbox Profiles Key In-House List for Government Agency, Lifts Email KPIs

Contacts Profiled
Government Agency
Campaign Type
Data Profiling
Target Location
ASEAN Countries, AU, US, EU, Countries
Target Industries
International Trade Sector (Export and Import Industries)
Target Contacts
C-level and Senior Management

The Client

The Client is the head office of a government agency in a Southeast Asian country. The Client develops and implements foreign trade policies, as well as regulates the country’s export and import industries.

The Challenge

As part of the government agency responsible for overseeing international trade in its home country, the Client facilitates trade relations with private companies overseas. The Client maintains an extensive database of key contacts from exporters and importers located in partner countries.

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