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5 details to examine when listening to your own Telemarketing calls


Never mind the shame. Never mind the humiliation. Never mind the trauma of reliving hideous calls while other people are listening. Never mind the painful, unbearable horror of hearing your own squeaky voice.

Whatever it takes, you have got to listen to your own calls.

It’s a frightening, sometimes saddening experience at first, and you’re not the only one who’s ever felt that way. But after a while, you’d see how beneficial it is to assess your own performance, and before you know it, you’d be requesting your leader for more call calibration sessions.

But what aspects in particular should you evaluate in your calls?

    1. First impressions – For the nth time, a lot of emphasis is put on the first few seconds of the call. Listen to your opening spiel and assess it objectively. If you were a prospect, what would be your initial thoughts upon hearing your voice? Was the greeting effective? Are you pleasant enough to take the call further? Or do you honestly deserve a bold rejection?


    1. Hits and missesWas there a question that wasn’t answered? Was there inaccurate information that was provided? Were there opportunities to probe that weren’t grabbed? On a lighter note, pat yourself on the back for your gems. Which statements elicited positive responses?


    1. Tone and choice of words. Now this is a crucial aspect of your calls, since both tone and word choice are personality-based characteristics. These are things you don’t get to change overnight, and would take practice and self-awareness. Did you use unprofessional words? Did you, at any point, sound condescending or arrogant? Did you sound sincere when you needed to?


    1. Timing and fluidity. Even the best tone and choice of words become pointless if not timed appropriately. The as-long-as-there’s-no-dead-air rule is a common fallacy; dead air is not necessarily a breakdown of call flow. You’re human – sometimes you have to allow a few seconds for things to sink in or draw out. The more that you pretend to be smooth by going extremely fast like a runaway train, the more fake it would sound.


  1. Leaving a mark. How you end the call is just as important as the entire thing. Some telemarketers don’t see the point of sustaining energy up to the last seconds of the call, especially if it ended miserably. Bad calls still deserve a proper burial. And with good calls, make sure you finish them pleasantly not only for you (for getting a lead), but also for them (for getting the chance to talk to an amazing telemarketer like you).


Three Sources Of Telesales Burnout In Australia


Getting burned-out during work is natural. This is a constant in all businesses, including those in Australia. Whether this is in terms of marketing or lead generation, you can expect your people to have lose some steam during their work. When that happens, well, that is bad news, since this will affect your ability to generate sales leads. But what could cause your team to burn out? The reasons might surprise you. Just take a look at the reasons below:

  1. You work too long – this pretty much explains why our workaholic appointment setting representatives look about ready to drop. Working long hours might sound like getting more work done, but this simply is an invitation to break down.
  2. Boredom – doing repetitive telesales tasks is just too bad. Adding a little variety during work (like the time you make calls, or maybe a change of scenery) can help fight off the boredom. Besides, getting bored at work can make it harder for you lead generation team to provide quality work.
  3. Not getting praised enough – the mind can be a powerful motivator in generating good B2B leads. You need to regularly praise or commend the good work of your people. That will make them feel appreciated and will encourage them to work harder.

These are just some issues that you need to address in order to avoid work burn-outs. Failure to do that will just induce your lead generation team to get burned out. No one would want that, right?


Four Important Characteristics Of A Good Niche Market

Four Important Characteristics Of A Good Niche Market

Four Important Characteristics Of A Good Niche Market

Niche marketing is most effective in finding qualified business leads when the chosen market is properly researched. To find a niche market that will lead to better profitability, the chosen niche must have the following characteristics:

– A lot of keyword variations.

If the chosen niche allows you to use a lot of different keywords, creating quality content to attract your target business leads won’t become such a chore. For better success, hiring an expert lead generation firm that is knowledgeable in content marketing that would surely improve the results of your sales leads generation campaign. Furthermore, a diverse set of keywords to choose from will significantly improve your inbound marketing campaign because it helps your company website show up in long tail search queries and become more visible on search engines.

– Keywords that have high monthly search volume (at least on Google, but ideally on other search engines as well).

Unless a set of keywords has a high monthly search volume, it wouldn’t be a very profitable niche to explore. Keywords that have high search volume—especially for keywords of intent—mean that there is a real need in the market that you can provide a solution to. This also leads to more successful b2b appointment setting campaigns due to the large number of queries.

– Low competition.

A low competition rate for a set of keywords mean that you will have a better chance of getting business appointments with your target b2b sales leads because there are few other service providers offering similar services to yours. Utilizing a well-targeted b2b telemarketing campaign will also result in high quality business sales leads for your business that would be much easier to convert.

– Ignites your passion

Last but absolutely not the least, you have to make sure that the niche you choose is one that you are truly passionate about, or at least, one that you can easily maintain creating content for until the next decade or so.

There are free applications available to help you choose the best niche market to do business in, but for the best and most comprehensive report regarding your chosen niche, it is best to hire an experienced b2b lead generation company. These firms employ SEO specialists who will help you gauge the suitability of your market. Furthermore, you will have easy access to a complete team of lead generation specialists skilled in using various marketing methods.

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Uses of Outbound Telemarketing For Your Growing Business


Australia has embraced telemarketing as a critical element in their customer service support and other inbound services. Business organisations there have optimised its use by establishing a help line for emergencies, a channel where clients can put out their issues and concerns, and a medium to strengthen the bonds between the seller and the buyer. Indeed, the use of the telephone is very consequential in maintaining healthy relationships with the customers. Its fast speed, ease of access, national and international coverage makes it the best way to provide solutions to clients’ problems.

But, telemarketing is not confined within the walls of inbound calling. Client support and other inbound activities form only one side of marketing through the phone. The other one is outbound telemarketing. It is a function that is concerned more on bringing new clients to the sales pipeline, making researches about the current market and talking with the decision-makers of other companies. If inbound concentrates in retaining customers through immediate responses to their needs, the epicenter of outbound is with generating new buyers. Increasing the value and quality of the sales pipeline is one of the tasks that can be accomplished through this pursuit.

You can make use of outbound services to propel you business success further. Here are some of the activities you can work on.

• B2C/B2B lead generation. One of the best things to find sales-ready buyers is to obtain their business and consumer contact information. In this task, cold-calling is now considered a veteran, which combines fast speed and accuracy in gaining B2C/B2B sales leads. Although you can power up online marketing and other avenues, making cold calls has an edge over such tools. What sets phone marketing apart is the chance to talk directly with the decision-makers. A telemarketer can directly engage in a dialogue with them, which makes it possible to determine their interest level. Through this, you can generate only willing buyers and avoid the hassle of chasing poor leads.

• Market surveys. Apart from obtaining new customers, you can use outbound calling to know more about your target market. Another way to attract clients is to give to them what they need and want. By doing telephone survey, you will unleash their desires. The information you obtain will guide you in recreating products and services according to the preferences of targeted leads. Market research is the key to unlock your customers’ hearts desires.

Database cleaning. If you have your own leads database but have not updated it recently, the phone is the best way to clean it. Verifying data directly from the prospects and clients themselves is something that only telemarketing can accomplish in high speed and precision. You can get rid of old contacts and replace them with the latest information. Besides, you can add new data.

Appointment setting. Business leads are not only things generated. The phone, when done properly, is a channel to get hold of business appointments. In fact, appointment setting is made easier and faster with telemarketing. Just be sure that quality assurance is firs imposed on generated leads in order to avoid wasting time on cold leads.

If you want to ascertain that the future economic benefits expected to gain in telemarketing exceed the costs, put your trust on outsourcing. Credible telemarketing call centres can find business opportunities in behalf of you. After all, contact centres are experts in this field.

Search Engine Optimization is a Continuous Process

Search Engine Optimization is a Continuous Process

Search Engine Optimization is a Continuous Process

Your website is up, now what?

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are 13.7 million internet subscribers in Australia. Most of the time, Aussies do their research online and review the product before they decide to purchase it.

With that being said, it’s not enough that you have a website with all the information about your company, your products and services. You need to drive traffic and optimize your website to rank high on search engine and reach out your audience.


By creating high-quality contents and finding the right keywords that your audience are using when searching online.


Take the content you’ve created, share and submit it to Google or on any search engine of your choice.

But wait, that doesn’t stop there!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting traffic to your website through free, organic or natural search engine results. Its main goal is to satisfy internet users by providing them with the information that they are looking for.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. Sharing and submitting your content on search engine isn’t enough. Once your website has achieved a higher ranking on search engine, you need to continuously update it.


By constantly posting high-quality contents that are relevant to your audience and submitting it to Google. Why? Simple. Internet users will continue to search contents that are high in quality, unique and updated in order to maintain that high ranking on search engine.


Here’s how content can help you increase your ranking on search engine

Have you heard of the saying, “Content is the King”? Content holds the most important position when it comes to improving search engine rankings. However, it is important that the content should always be relevant and easy to understand. Through your content, you can enlighten your audience and impress them with how knowledgeable you are in your industry.

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Keywords are also important. It is necessary to make your content rich in keywords. It should fit in well with the flow of your text. When finding for the right keywords, you should look for words that your potential users are expected to use when searching online. At the same time, the keywords that will be used should fit in well with the flow of the text.

What are factors to consider when finding the right keywords

  1. Chosen keywords should best describe the products and services that your company provides.
  2. It should draw less than 5000 competitive website results but is searched at an average of 1000 times per month.
  3. It must not be so unique that a general user would not even think when searching online.

Because of the demand for time and effort, many businesses would consider looking for partners when it comes to their SEO needs. However, there are many SEO consultants who claim to provide top rankings with search engines within a few days and they undoubtedly, prove themselves right in claiming that. But, marketing managers should remain alert not to be carried away by such claims. So if you want to maintain a high ranking on search engine, you should look for companies who use ethical techniques to help you achieve the top position, provide your audience with the right information and generate higher profits to avoid any inconvenience.



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