Callbox Wraps Global Marketing Seminar in Asia


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – January 2009 – Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions opened the year with a resounding series of seminars in Singapore and Malaysia themed, “Global Marketing Strategies for the IT Industry” held January 12-13, 2009 at the International Enterprise Singapore Advisory Centre and Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur Hotel, respectively.

Attended by CEOs, managing directors, marketing managers, and consultants from a select list of IT and software companies, the seminar proved to be an eye-opener to the attendees who had only casually considered an online marketing plan as one of the best ways to generate global awareness of their products and services. Of particular interest to the attendees were online marketing strategies like search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, and search engine marketing. Direct marketing strategies such as lead generation through telephone prospecting or appointment setting and email marketing were also discussed. Google Strategy and Business Planning Director, Matthew Stepka, showcased the results of recent Google queries on B2B IT purchasing, reinforcing Callbox’s claim that online marketing strategies are vital, particularly for the IT market.

The seminars allowed Callbox’s largest clients in the Asia Pacific region, and other companies interested in gaining access to the massive US IT market, a chance to discuss techniques face to face with Callbox as well as analyze each other’s marketing strategies.

Callbox is an ongoing supplier of international business leads to the Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry through International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, the lead agency spearheading the development of Singapore’s external economic wing. IE Singapore co-sponsored the event.

CallboxConnect is Launched

Los Angeles, CA – January 2010 – Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions, Contact Center World’s 2008 Top Outsourcer Awardee, has recently launched CallboxConnect as its inbound marketing arm.

CallboxConnect offers a variety of services aimed to strengthen a client’s customer support service and boost sales. It specializes in Order Taking, Booking and Reservations, Customer Service Handling, Overflow Call Management, Answering Services for retailers, e-commerce business and independent companies. It works with small, medium, and large businesses that experience a large volume of calls every day.

Initially launched in the US, CallboxConnect will soon be servicing Australia.

Callbox nominated in Contact Center World’s Best for March 2010

Los Angeles — Callbox has received another nomination at Contact World’s Top Ranking Performers Awards for Contact Centers in 2010. Once more, the company is poised to be named as one of the best contact centers in the world in the outbound campaign category. The nomination recognizes Callbox’s creativity and excellence in integrating outbound communication tools and superior delivery of world class service.

Callbox won the same award in 2009. Contact Center World’s Top Ranking Award is given to a call center that exhibits the best practices in the industry. The award recognizes the contact center’s unparalleled vending practices and customer service.

Short-listed finalists are chosen by world-renowned industry experts. To serve as a judge, one must have held a minimum of 5 years managerial position in a contact center or a similar industry. This year’s judges come from insurance companies, banks and investment firms.

Callbox is an award-winning full service sales and marketing firm that provides global market access via direct marketing, web marketing, sales support, database services and advanced sales force management.

Callbox provides foreign and domestic market access to leading industries such as software, information technology, financial, medical and business services. Today Callbox has contact centers across the globe–South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Best ICT company in 2007

In 2007, Callbox was awarded the Urban Leadership Award by the Canadian Urban Institute as the “Information and Communications Technology Champion” significantly accelerating the city’s growth and welfare as the largest and fastest growing employer in the city.

In 2008, Contact Center World chose Callbox for the “Best Top Outsourcing Award, Outbound Category”. Previous winners of Contact Center World Awards are StarTek United States (for Best Community Spirit), Albridge Solutions (Best Small Contact Center Category), Quantum Multimedia Communications (Best Medium-size Contact Center Category) and Whirlpool Customer Experience Center (Best Large Contact Center Category).

Callbox Delivers its 500,000th Sales Appointment

Los Angeles, CA – May 7, 2010 – Today, one call agent concluded a successful phone conversation with an office manager in downtown Los Angeles, a call placed on behalf of the sales team of a leading US-based commercial cleaning company. To the agent, it was just one of the many great calls he has made for the day. To Callbox, it’s a major achievement as it marked the 500,000th sales appointment set by Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions since its inception six years ago.

“Our Commercial Services department is absolutely on rails. They made 106 appointments this first week of May and the 106th appointment was the very one that milestoned our 500,000th appointment ever. It only goes to show how effective and experienced we are at B2B appointment setting. We’re very proud that our clients continue to trust us to give their business the chance to grow with every appointment we set,” reported CEO Rom Agustin.

Based on closely-tracked campaign data and client feedback, those 500,000 appointments created roughly $100M in sales for Callbox clients. “It’s a great moment for Callbox as we continue to set appointments and generate business for our clients worldwide,” said COO Glen Norris. “Despite economic challenges, we’re still able to deliver,” he continued.

Back in 2004, the first appointment the company made was for a financial services company (insurance services), which indicates the breadth of industries now served by Callbox. As of April 2010, the Callbox outbound campaigns to Software/IT companies still generate the greatest number of leads, followed by companies from the Commercial Cleaning business, Merchant Card Services, Financial, Advertising, Medical, and Business to Consumer services.

Callbox Expands its Asia-Pacific Market

Ultimo, Australia – June 2010 – Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions, the world’s largest B2B lead generation company, announces the expansion of its Asia-Pacific (APAC) business operations to include the IT and Software Sales-and-Marketing Group.

From its Asia-Pacific business hub, the company has built-out presence in the high-growth countries of the region including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. It currently provides sales and marketing services to over 200 small to enterprise clients in the areas of IT, Software, Financial, and Commercial Services, and other competitive markets.

For the last 3 years, Callbox has been extending its reach and aggressively expanding its current staff, to serve the sales and marketing operations of its clients across the Asia-Pacific region. By delivering high-value ROI on the services it provides, the company has quickly developed close business partnerships with key organizations in the outsourcing industry, scoring several industry awards for excellence.

These successes paved the way for the creation of a dedicated business department, the Asia-Pacific IT and Software Support Group. Staffed with over 100 sales and marketing professionals, this group is solely focused on serving the IT and Software industry client-base within the Asia-Pacific region. This expansion adds to Callbox’s hundreds of support personnel that serve over one thousand clients worldwide.

Callbox Named Among Top 50 Outbound Teleservices Agencies

Norwalk, Connecticut – March 30, 2011 – Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions has again been scored as a top performer, this time in the 2011 Annual Top 50 Teleservices Agencies Ranking sponsored by Customer Interactions Solutions Magazine.

Callbox was ranked 12th in the U.S. and 10th in the wider International market in the face of stiff competition with hundreds of telemarketing companies from several countries around the world. Ranking was based on many factors including the interdependently certified total number of billable minutes it has provided its clients for its teleservices.  Being in the Top 50 means that Callbox has met the stringent criteria set by Customer Interactions Solutions for high-capacity teleservices agencies.

For the last 26 years, Customer Interactions Solutions Magazine has been conducting the Annual Top 50 Teleservices Agencies Ranking to recognize the largest outbound and inbound teleservices agencies, both on domestic and international categories. This achievement reiterates Callbox’s commitment to provide broad top quality enterprise marketing solutions, bringing it’s clients and their business together across the globe.

Callbox Integrates SMS Delivery Channel

Los Angeles — Callbox today announced that its call management infrastructure now includes SMS capability making it possible for Callbox mobile clients in North America to receive instant notifications of campaign events without access to the internet.

Real-time SMS notification allows Callbox clients to return calls to prospects within as little as five minutes, which is proven to deliver a contact rate over 100 times higher than by delaying the callback another 25 minutes.

In addition to measurably multiplying your closure rate, the instant and personal nature of the notification provides positive feedback throughout your business day.

“Good news keeps you going, especially if it’s lighting up your phone regularly.

It also reminds you that your Callbox team is out there campaigning for you all day long.

The Callbox account manager can keep in touch with our clients quicker and less intrusively”, said Callbox COO, Glen Norris.

For many years, Callbox has been recognized in the industry as a leading provider of innovative business-to-business marketing solutions through cutting-edge technology. By integrating SMS delivery into its marketing infrastructure, Callbox hacks critical delay from its clients’ lead response time, increasing their lead qualification ratio several thousand times, and closing more sales.

Callbox Listed on The Black Book of Outsourcing’s “2010 Leading Providers of Outsourced Sales and Marketing Services”

Encino, CA – July 26, 2011 – Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions was ranked among the top Sales and Marketing Outsourcing (SMO) providers in The Black Book of Outsourcing’s “2010 Leading Providers of Outsourced Sales and Marketing Services”. The rankings were based on independent survey conducted by the Datamonitor Group, a provider of premium global business information, which investigated hundreds of top performing BPO organizations around the world.

The 2010 Black Book of Outsourcing survey captured customer satisfaction ratings based on industry, geography, and service domain. Callbox has earned the distinction as a highly recommended SMO service vendor, receiving excellent reviews on 11 key performance indicators that were used in the survey.

For many years, The Black Book of Outsourcing has been the leading independent benchmark of customer satisfaction in the outsourcing industry. Callbox’s high achievement in the 2010 ranking speaks to the depth and breadth of the company’s expertise, and its ability to consistently deploy a full spectrum of outsourced solutions that clients look for in a service provider.

Callbox Launches Pipeline CRM 3.0

Encino, CA – September 16, 2011 – Callbox today announced the release of Pipeline CRM 3.0, the latest version of its proprietary customer relationship management software.

The new version features a redesigned user interface which now includes shortcuts to frequently used functions (e.g. View / Add Appointments, Update Accounts Status, etc.), reducing the number of clicks required to do certain tasks. It also has a Global Search button which offers greater speed and flexibility for searching and filtering data and navigating the pipeline.

Other notable features include a Client List Editor which allows users to edit, or download their contact lists, and a Dataminer which provides access to Callbox’s 20+ million global business contacts. Meanwhile, Callbox is working to incorporate more features including  options for synchronizing Outlook, Gmail, and Salesforce contacts and calendar, organizing notes and tasks (e.g. meetings, email exchanges, appointments, etc.) for each customer, and creating campaign result graphs and tables where clients can get a closer look at the effectiveness of each campaign in real-time.

Pipeline CRM 3.0 was released in response to clients’ evolving needs and feedback gathered through surveys, client meetings, and years of proactive customer interaction. The launching represents Callbox’s ongoing commitment to delivering measurable and managed growth.

Callbox Launches Callbox Staffing Services

Los Angeles, CA – October 2011 – Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions is expanding its staffing services offerings under a new separate name, Callbox Staffing.  Callbox Staffing is a flexible and cost-effective approach to helping companies obtain professional support without the hindrances of hiring, training, and managing in-house staff. Callbox Staffing features a comprehensive suite of outsourced services aimed at helping employers find qualified professionals to fill their workforce requirements, both temporary and long-term.

Callbox uses the “Block Hour” Pricing system, an “as-you-go” plan which allows clients to purchase blocks of consumable time they can then use for any Callbox Staffing service. Callbox clients have full control of staff schedule and project timeline, which means they can staff up or down as needed, pause or resume a project when necessary, and pay only for the actual hours worked.

All staff activities are monitored and recorded using ClearTrackr, Callbox’s proprietary online project management system.  ClearTrackr generates real-time reports indicating the service performed, the time expended, and the number of hours remaining.

Callbox Staffing was launched as a natural part of Callbox’s campaign to provide cost-effective solutions for its clients in an uncertain economy.  Other services include online marketing, web design, programming, content writing, and administrative support.

Callbox Set to Employ 1,000 New Hires in 2012

Los Angeles, CA –December 2011 – Callbox, the largest business-to-business lead generation company in the world, is set to hire an additional 1,000 people next year, according to the company’s 2012 action plan released today. All additional manpower will join the operation centers in the Philippines and Malaysia.

As a major player in the global outsourcing industry, plans also include the acquisition or building of additional facilities to support its growing operations. The move to expand is an important strategic development for the company as its customer base continues to spread across North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific markets. Callbox will open its doors to software developers, web/graphic designers, SEO specialists, marketing, and sales specialists.

Since its establishment in 2004, Callbox has grown over 50% annually on average, now employing 700 full-time staff worldwide, and this expansion initiative continues to increase its workforce to keep in line with its expanding market share worldwide. Rom Agustin, the company’s CEO, is confident in the measured growing global demand for its Sales and Marketing BPO services and that these investments in the expansion initiative will secure a dynamic future for the company, bolster its commitment to deliver quality services, and provide a terrific boost to the local economy in creating both full-time jobs and infrastructure.

Callbox is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with satellite offices in the UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and its operations center in the Philippines.

Callbox Launches iCalendar

Encino, CA – April, 2013 – Callbox has launched the latest update of its PipelineCRM platform, now fully integrating iCal and allowing call center agents, clients, and leads to instantly add business appointments, meetings, and other important events to their own calendars with a click.

At the moment an appointment is formally qualified, an iCal invitation is automatically sent to both the prospect and the client. Each can “Add to Calendar” with one click, regardless of their internal platform. The system sends another email notification to alert both parties two hours prior to the actual meeting, thereby increasing show-rate.

“Since integrating iCal into PipelineCRM for both in-house and client interfaces, our show-rate increased from 40% to over 80%! It has proven to be a great boost to everyone’s effectiveness”, said Callbox CEO, Rom Agustin.

“Our appointment setting experts know precisely how difficult it is to set a qualified appointment for a client. So we examined the tools that our teams have found and proven useful in order to make them available to our clients as well. For calendaring, iCal was a tool they could not do without. So now we share the iCal format with clients for every appointment.”

iCal supports all leading calendar formats including Google, BlackBerry, Apple, IBM Lotus Notes, Yahoo! Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook.