Where To Get Quality Business Leads For Your Telemarketing Campaign

Your telemarketing campaign may be adequate right now, but to get the best possible results from your campaigns, you need to have all the factors that comprise a great business to business telemarketing campaign. Securing a good telemarketing script for lead generation and hiring reliable, experienced b2b telemarketers need one more thing to complete the process: a highly targeted telemarketing business list.

You can either generate your own business leads by scouring the internet and phone books, purchase a business list from a lead generation company, or you can outsource to professional lead generation service providers to look for specifically qualified b2b sales leads using your criteria.

An important thing to remember when buying pre-defined business lists from another company is to make sure that the list hasn’t already been sold to a competitor in your industry. This is often the problem with pre-qualified business lists because the buyer (in this case, you) will never know how many competitors in the same market, or even the same micro niche, have already gained access to that list of qualified business leads. Imagine if you were to buy a list that usually costs several hundred dollars; you’d expect your b2b telemarketers to be able to convert or get business appointments with these businesses because they are high quality leads. However, if your competitors have also purchased the same list, then your chances of converting these leads will be drastically reduced no matter how much they fit your criteria. Not only did you waste critical funds, but you’ve also wasted the time and effort of your employees.

The best way to ensure that your telemarketing campaign cold callers only contact qualified leads that you can actually convert and haven’t been purchased by your competitors yet is to outsource your lead generation to a professional b2b lead generation service provider. These leads you get from these companies are freshly sourced. Meaning, you get the first opportunity to offer a solution to their problem. And because the business list was generated specifically for the use of your telemarketers, you can be assured that no other competitor will present another offer to your business leads as you close the deal. All that’s left is for your telemarketers to set the business appointments and your sales representatives to close the deal.

Having an exclusive business list of qualified b2b sales leads, professionally trained and experienced b2b telemarketers, and an engaging telemarketing script are the most important factors to secure if you want to have the best telemarketing lead generation campaign for your business.

Reasons Why Your Lead Generation Campaigns Are Not Working


When you run a business, a lot of things can get out of hand and you will need to find out the cause immediately or it could prove to be disastrous or costly for your business. While common culprits are easy to point out, sometimes, unexpected things happen which will require you to do a double take on the cause of the problem. Here are a few examples:

  • If your qualified business leads reject your offer, it doesn’t mean that your telemarketing script is to blame. It might be that your business leads simply aren’t willing to go through the process of implementing a new process or don’t want their employees to waste any time learning how to use a new product or service. You might also start blaming your telemarketers of not doing their work properly, as it is a common reason for such problems. It could just be the business sales leads who are the problem, so don’t immediately think its your telemarketing script or your b2b telemarketers.
  • If your appointment setting campaigns are not letting you convert as much business leads as they should, the problem might not be with your script or your appointment setting service provider. Your chosen b2b sales leads may just be experiencing an emergency, such as a low economy, or a disruption in their specific industry which is why they don’t have any budget to spend. If you identify these factors as the cause of your problem, then try contacting your business sales leads another time.
  • If your lead generation campaign isn’t working as you intended it to, don’t think your lead generation methods are not effective for your chosen market niche. Perhaps you just aren’t paying attention to the right datas or statistics, or your marketing people haven’t been implementing the method properly. A lot of good lead generation campaigns are not reaching their full potential because of a lot of factors, but they end up being replaced with another lead generation method without even the proper research.

Before you consider a process or operation in your business as ineffective and decide to scrap it for a newer method, consider all the possible angles first so that you don’t waste any more effort, time, and resources to implement a new system. Especially when the problem is with your sales and marketing department, take into account all possible factors before you choose to implement a new lead generation or telemarketing campaign.

The Best Lead Generation Methods To Utilize For Niche Marketing

When doing niche marketing, it is best to utilize methods that will help you connect directly to your business leads. Choosing the proper marketing method to reach out to your leads will significantly improve your b2b sales leads generation campaigns. But what are these methods?

Direct marketing methods like email and b2b telemarketing complement niche marketing pretty well. Other marketing strategies, such as social media marketing, advertisements, TV spots, and even PPC are more aimed at the mass market and not at the specific members of your niche.

Here are 3 direct marketing strategies that are best suited for your niche marketing efforts:

  • B2B telemarketing – if you want to get up front and personal with your business leads, nothing beats picking up the phone and dialing their number. Whether you want to know what they think about a certain product or what problems they have, telemarketing will be able to give you that voice.

Hiring professional b2b telemarketers also allows you to easily follow-up any business leads that you want to set appointments with. The importance of follow-up needs to be stressed a lot because most marketers are too preoccupied with finding and qualifying leads that they forget to follow up on the already qualified leads. This results to lost opportunities for quality b2b appointment setting that they could have easily acquired..

  • Email marketing – having the email of your target b2b leads lets you create personalized newsletters and marketing email for each business on your client list. The level of personalization you can do for each email is only limited by yourself. You can discuss the topic on the forum where you met that business lead, or better yet, you can indicate the problem of the business lead for which you have the best solution.
  • Seminars – trade shows, seminars and webinars are also great niche marketing tools because they attract the people who are really interested to hear about your topic. For example, if they have no problem with their corporate recruitment processes, why do you think they signed up for a free 2-day webinar about effective recruitment strategies?

When you decide to market to a niche, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re constraining yourself to a limited number of b2b sales leads. It’s quite the opposite. In fact, once you’ve mastered how to identify the characteristics of your current niche, you can start expanding your marketing plans to encompass another niche as long as it still benefits from your products and services. An expert b2b lead generation firm will help you improve your business by providing good b2b sales leads through well-targeted niche marketing.

The Importance Of Finding New B2B Sales Leads For Your Business

b2bmarketingAll businesses, regardless of size, need a steady flow of sales leads to continue growing. This is the reason why sales and marketing should be allocated a significant portion of the budget, with the main focus on finding new b2b and sales leads. While lead generation is just one segment of the overall sales process, it remains an important function of your company.

For a business to business company, generating b2b leads can be done through various processes. Some of the most effective b2b lead generation strategies include: email marketing, networking, b2b telemarketing, paid advertising, and content marketing. Deciding on which marketing strategy to implement in your business depends on which one works best for your business.

But why look for new business leads when you have a lead nurturing process in place?

Having a lead nurturing process is obviously a necessity in business to further increase profits and maintain long-term profitability. However, despite having a lead nurturing process to make the most of all b2b leads generated, business lead generation should remain of prime concern to business owners and marketing managers. No matter how reliable your lead nurturing process is, your sales and marketing people can only nurture as long as leads and clients allow them to. The time will come when you and your clients have to part ways, and if you have not been continually looking for new b2b sales leads, you will be left with no client or business leads to nurture.

Why existing clients leave.

Even if you nurture your existing clients properly, it is an inevitable truth that they will eventually leave. There are various reasons for this:

  • The client decided to transfer to a competitor who offers a cheaper alternative.
  • The client is cutting down on business expenses.
  • The client can no longer sustain the business and has filed for bankruptcy.
  • The client has decided to move to a different location, and subsequently, to a different service provider.

Finding fresh new business sales leads for your business is an ongoing process. As stated above, there are various business lead generation strategies that your company can utilize, and the best strategy is to use 2 or 3 different strategies at time to get the best results. If your company uses email blasts to reach out to prospects for your b2b appointment setting campaign, you should complement this with other marketing strategies like b2b telemarketers and content marketing. As your company continues to grow, you must also increase your lead generation campaigns to find more new leads to sustain your business.

Find Sales and Business Leads For Your New Business

If there is a serial entrepreneur, then there is also a serial inventor. I don’t mean the great Leonardo Da Vinci, but someone more native to our timeline. Adrian Van Anz is a veteran tinkerer (aka inventor) who successfully made a name for himself—and his inventions. His most recent, the Derringer, was featured in an insightful article on Forbes by Zack O’Malley Greenburg. In the article, Van Anz talks about how his pet project turned into a million dollar business after he took it for a ride to a coffee shop and a stranger offered to buy it for $5000, spot cash.

Like Van Anz, anyone can have million dollar business of their own. These days you don’t even really need that groundbreaking idea or exceptionally technical skills. As long as you have the determination and passion, you can start a business overnight, find investors within a few days to a couple of months, and start marketing your products or services within a heartbeat. Outsourcing technical processes to a BPO company will allow you to start an IT company with only the basest of knowledge in information technology. Looking for the capital that you need to fund your business venture can be accomplished through crowdfunding, especially through sites like Kickstarter. You may even be lucky enough to snag an angel investor to provide you a larger seed capital. Social media and email marketing can easily bring traffic to your website and give you the initial business and sales leads that you need. However, converting those sales leads into real profits is where the real challenge lies.

For most amateur business owners, this is the hardest part of starting a business. Though you may find hot sales leads or business leads through your own marketing efforts, hiring a lead generation company to find your business leads or sales leads for you will help you grow your business faster. Furthermore, having a professional quality analyst sort through your business list and narrow down the warm and hot leads will reduce the stress and effort that you need to expend to convert your prospects.Hiring a lead generation firm is similar to outsourcing business operations to a professional technical team. You seek their help because they have the skills and experience required to fulfill the task that you need completed. Aside from that, a lead generation company may also offer database management, data profiling services or CRM software which will help you manage your customers properly—an important aspect if you want a long term business relationship with your customers.

B2B Lead Qualification- Your Lead Generation Campaign Effectiveness Monitoring Station

by: Neil

Your lead qualification process can be your first source of marketing and lead generation campaign effectiveness feedback if you have strong communication between those qualifying leads and those driving the sales lead generation campaigns. While it may not appear like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, believe it or not, your lead qualification team is in one of the best positions to view the effectiveness of the lead generation campaigns that have been executed.
We were doing a lead qualification campaign for a large, well known technology company who are constantly running a variety of business lead generation efforts by sponsoring events, participating in tradeshows and conferences. The leads collected by exchanging cards, registering for conferences, demos and so on go through a qualification process which helps identify the genuine leads which need to be expedited to sales, the cold leads which need to be weeded out and the leads which can be nurtured. A marketing or sales professional working on lead qualification is often the first person to connect with the leads after they are generated and in a position to get a feel of how the leads are reacting to the event which they attended and also get a feel of how they respond to a call from the company. This also puts them in the best position to gauge how effective the event or campaign was in generating awareness and also generating high quality responses. On this particular occasion we discovered the business leads were not very aware about the event, most were not very qualified at all and the response pointed out there was something amiss.
The feedback to marketing however revealed that this particular event didn’t work out quite as planned and the turn out / quality of leads wasn’t up to the mark either. The communication between lead qualification and marketing helped them come to a decision to not spend too much time on that set of leads and also to avoid using that event for future campaigns as it would simply be a waste. This communication between the two sides can really help bring valuable feedback to the table and help improve the lead generation process by detecting what works and what doesn’t at a much earlier stage. These kind of mistakes can be valuable in learning and fine tuning the lead generation machine as long as there is learning and something good comes out of it. Right?


How to Launch a Lead Generation Campaign

by: Athena Catedral

Before launching any lead generation campaign, make sure all involved teams are on board and on the same page. The goals should be clearly defined and applicable to the different parties. The strategies should be in place to effectively be geared toward this similar goal.

To start off, the campaign flow should be outlined carefully. Where does the process start and how will it end? How will you define its success or failure?

Correlate the promotional material, collateral to be used with the goals

If the goal is to increase leads online, then the promotional material will be correlated to this goal. Most if not all efforts will then be concentrated online. You can start with search engine optimization (to enhance sign ups via the website), email campaigns, online linking campaigns and even search engine marketing if you’ve got enough money to play with.

Identify different response mechanisms

How do you want people to respond to your business lead generation campaigns? Will there be a hotline number or do you want to course all campaign responses through your website or maybe a particular email address? These should be outlined carefully so your teams will be well-prepared to entertain in-coming prospects and follow through on possible sales. Having more response channels will be to your advantage, although tracking may become a challenge. Liaise with the different departments involved in making it work – those that will receive the clients by phone, email and website should align with the same spiel, the same offer.

Define the marketing message in line with the goal

Position the goal of your messages in the collateral in such a way that it will not be drowned by other content. Make this the focus of the entire piece. This should be the same for all pieces and for all sales lead generation campaigns if you’re doing multiple campaigns at the same time. Also ensure that everyone involved knows the marketing message – dissemination is key.

Ensure that the user makes the most of your campaign

For the lead generation services campaign to be effective, the user has to enjoy the experience. The campaign should be targeted enough to be appreciated by the right market. The flow of the campaign from ad to landing experience to response acceptance should be smooth and directed towards the goal. This will give your campaign a viral effect. People who appreciate how you’ve marketed your product will talk about it and spread the word. This is priceless marketing. And if you can get a reliable lead generation services provider who will take care of leads for you, you will really reap the rewards.

Once these steps are properly outlined, the campaign should be able to push through without a hitch. These are macro perspectives of any sales lead generation campaign and not designed to sweat the small stuff. But once these are in place, the details will fit perfectly like pieces in a puzzle.


Considering Lead Generation for Cleaning Services?

Leads in the commercial cleaning sector are not discovered simply by a reference or a cold-call. Cleaning service leads are nurtured from simple possible interest in services right until the final purchase decision. In traditional janitorial leads generation, the target could be anyone from a low level employee to a CEO, and you can span the entire range of B2B. In targeting carpet cleaning leads, for example, the target market is almost exclusively B2B, and the target individuals are usually decision makers high up the corporate ladder. Identifying the target isn’t always difficult, but reaching them can be.

In the search for commercial cleaning leads, it is important to identify and reach the key influencers, evaluators, and recommenders, or you stand no chance of moving towards a sale. To get quality janitorial leads, you will need to understand the systems and processes of your potential clients. In order to accomplish this, you will need not only a broad understanding of cleaning services technologies, but also a broad understanding of the underlying business issues and goals of your potential client.

Sales lead generation for cleaning service leads is an effective method of driving revenue, increasing sales, and growing your company. However, the sales lead generation strategy is only as effective as the analysis, design, and implementation stages that are undertaken to put the strategy into action and to get a good amount of commercial cleaning leads. If you carefully manage the process on an ongoing basis, and ensure you have effective sales pipeline management, then you should see a significant increase in cleaning service leads being nurtured and more closed sales.


Generating Leads From Trade Shows and Magazines

Anyone who runs their own business can tell you how challenging it is to generate business leads on a consistent basis. Finding good leads and generating more sales is vital to the long term growth of any business.

As any job seeker can tell you, networking generates far more job offers than simply reading the want ads each morning. The same is true of business leads. Networking with your peers is likely to generate far more business leads then putting an ad in your local newspaper. That is because of the exponential nature of the social and business network.

Say you tell five associates about your great new business. Each of those five associates tells five of their friends and associates, and so on and so on. You can see how quickly your circle can expand. Word of mouth advertising is the most cost effective advertising of all. It’s free and it can generate an exceptional amount of interest in your business

Trade shows are another excellent source of business leads. Trade shows take the networking concept a step further by gathering together executives and business owners for a common purpose. Trade shows can focus on a specific industry or a specific market. For instance, we have a trade show here each fall to which all the local businesses are invited. This provides an excellent opportunity for business executives and small business owners to meet each other and discuss their products and services. This show generates excellent business to business leads year in and year out
Industry specific trade shows are an excellent source of business leads as well. For instance, the computer industry holds many trade shows throughout the year, including the well known extravaganza in Las Vegas each year. By concentrating on one industry, the vendors know they will be able to generate good business leads among an audience that is already interested in the product or service they provide. This focus can eliminate a lot of the wasted effort that often accompanies efforts in business lead generation.

Trade magazines can be another excellent source of business leads. Unlike advertising in your local newspaper, or general purpose magazine, trade magazines are focused in on a specific industry. Trade magazines are generally read only by those involved in that industry. Believe me when I say it – no one reads Network Computing for fun. By advertising in a trade industry journal or magazine, you can be assured of reaching a targeted audience for a reasonable price. There are a number of trade industry journals, both online and offline. Check their circulation rates to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck

Being flexible, creative and friendly goes a long way when searching for business leads. Be creative, think of things the other guy has not. Tell the people you meet every day about your business. Try b2b telemarketing services. The more you get the word out about your business, the more business leads you are bound to generate. Always strive to be the best in everything you do. Your drive and determination will help you stay a step ahead of the competition.


Growing Your Sales Pipeline: Part 2 – Converting New Business Leads


Updated: Jan. 23, 2019

We’re bringing new life to this article with up-to-date and relevant information. Enjoy!

In a another post, we went over a handful of sales prospecting tips that top-performing Australian B2B marketers put into practice. Today, we’ll focus on the next crucial step in achieving pipeline growth: converting new business leads into opportunities and customers.

To recap, recent research findings about the B2B marketing space in Australia (such as Green Hat’s 2018 B2B Marketing Report) reveal what highly-effective marketers tend to do differently. Based on these results, we’ve identified 10 pipeline growth strategies that drive the performance of best-in-class marketers:

  1. Document your marketing strategy the right way
  2. Work with TIDY marketing data
  3. Meet prospects where they actually are
  4. Focus on conversations, not just content
  5. Don’t do what everyone else is doing, unless…
  6. Always be selling the next step
  7. Help prospects find and use information faster
  8. Bake CX into your marketing DNA
  9. Separate the signal from the noise in your metrics
  10. Align, by all means, align

We’ve already talked about the first five points in detail in the previous post. We now turn our attention to the five other remaining pipeline growth ideas, which relate to lead conversion.


Always be selling the next step

Best-in-class marketers understand that today’s buying process is a marathon, not a sprint. That’s why they’re twice more likely to have a lead nurturing strategy and process in place compared to average marketers. Keep in mind that the most effective lead nurturing programs produce 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost.

If you took the time to clearly document your lead generation strategy, then it’s going to be much easier for you to outline the steps in the nurturing process.

Marketing MO recommends going over these questions to define your buyer’s purchase journey (which you can then use to create your lead nurture path):

  • When do buyers realize that they need help with a problem?
  • What do buyers do to find potential solutions?
  • How do buyers decide which solutions and vendors to evaluate further?
  • What information do buyers need in order to make a decision?
  • Who else from the buyer’s organization will be involved in the decision?
  • How long will it take for the buyer to make a decision?


Help prospects find and use information faster

As B2B buyers control more and more of the purchase process, they need to quickly access the right information at the right time to help them move along the buying journey. Faced with an ocean of content and collaterals, buyers tend to prefer potential vendors that can help them easily find what they need.

Research from Aberdeen shows that targeting users with content relevant to their buying stage yields 72% higher conversion rates. At the same time, DemandGen Report finds that bundling lead nurturing content within a resource hub results in 400% increase in lead-to-pipeline ratio.

All this points to the fact that, not only does content need to be relevant to the buyer’s position along the purchase journey, it also needs to be easily within reach.

Here’s how to help prospects gain access to what they’re looking for:

  • At each step in the purchase journey, what information or tool can you provide to help meet the needs of potential buyers?
  • Can you assign persons from your team to be involved at each stage?
  • Does your experience with past prospects help you identify how to shorten the time leads spend at each stage?


Bake CX into your marketing DNA

When it comes to converting new business leads, best-in-class marketers understand the value of optimizing customer experience (CX). In fact, this is a clear point of distinction between top-performing marketers and the rest of their peers.

According to Green Hat’s survey of Australian B2B marketers, around 48% of overall respondents have implemented customer journey mapping and developed personas, while 50% are targeting specific segments. By comparison, 67% of respondents classified as best-in-class have already undertaken customer journey mapping, and 74% are personalizing content.

Part of the reason for this difference in the level of CX focus is the multi-channel nature of the customer buying process. This is why a full 95% of B2B marketers find optimizing CX very challenging.

As PWC notes, buyers expect these four key qualities in any CX effort: speed, convenience, knowledgeable help, and friendliness. This is even more important now that 46% of B2B researchers and decision makers are millennials.

B2BMarketing.net lays out the specific steps in order to make CX a seamless part of your lead generation process:

  • Audit your lead conversion process and set metrics for success at each touch point
  • Plan for every stage in the customer life cycle, from acquisition to retention
  • Make sure your marketing team (and only your marketing team) owns CX
  • Get everyone’s buy-in and understanding
  • Leverage influencers and customer champions
  • Listen and respond to feedback


Separate the signal from the noise in your metrics

Highly effective marketers also excel at another crucial ability that their peers struggle with: measuring what matters.

As Bizible mentions, while both best-in-class and average marketers have largely the same marketing priorities, they differ in how they use marketing metrics. Top-performing marketers are 10% more likely to point to down-funnel metrics such as lead-to-opportunity, pipeline growth, revenue, ROI, etc. as gauges of their performance.

Best-in-class marketers are also more likely to claim they can reliably measure marketing results. Green Hat finds that 95% of top-performing marketers measure overall marketing ROI to some degree. In addition, almost 3 out of 4 highly effective marketers can accurately measure lead conversion and pipeline performance, 2 out of 3 can measure sales lead follow-up and more than half can measure campaign attribution.

One pressing reason why average marketers struggle with marketing measurement is that they tend to be inundated by an overwhelming amount of data. With so many data points to monitor and analyze, it can be hard to separate the signal from the noise.

An article from Forbes breaks down the steps to help you analyze marketing data more effectively:

  • Start with clear objectives
  • Assess the quality of data
  • Answer specific questions
  • Acknowledge and correct possible biases
  • Analyze data in context
  • Apply the right data visualization
  • Organize and crunch the numbers using a reliable tool
  • Assign the right person to the data analytics role


Align, by all means, align

Among the things we’ve mentioned so far, it’s the ability to align sales and marketing that starkly contrasts top-performing marketers with the rest of the pack.

Bizible uncovers a correlation between high marketing performance and marketing-sales alignment. Top-performing marketers are more likely to rate their sales-marketing alignment highly than average marketers.

Green Hat also observes a similar relationship between marketing performance and the degree of marketing-sales alignment. According to their study, sales-marketing alignment is the B2B area that sharply differs between best-in-class and average marketers.

Sales and marketing alignment is a core element of pipeline growth. With alignment, more leads are converted and followed up by sales, and both sales and marketing share a unified view of the prospect’s purchase process.

For alignment to happen, the following five areas need to be covered:

  • Shared goals and KPIs
  • Mutual lead management process
  • Common lead definition
  • Clear service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Open communications and regular collaboration

Conclusion:  Now that we’ve seen what top-performing B2B marketers do to get the most from their marketing programs and campaigns, it’s time to put these ideas into practice. Building and growing your sales pipeline is all about finding the right approach to capture sales prospects and convert new business leads. Hopefully, the things we’ve covered in this series can point you toward that direction.


Author Bio:

Dara Lin

Dara Lin is a Marketing Specialist at Callbox Australia. She is a coffee trailblazer, general music fanatic, and an internet enthusiast. Follow Dara on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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Getting High Quality Janitorial Leads

One of the many challenges facing a cleaning services business is obtaining the best cleaning service leads. Whether you choose to purchase the best cleaning leads or develop them yourself, you need to pay close attention to the quality of those leads.

If you are purchasing your janitorial leads from a lead development company, you want fresh leads, as you will not want to contact someone that has been through the marketing process time and time again. Therefore, the best leads are your own exclusive leads.

The benefit of obtaining your own commercial cleaning leads is that you are contacting them in real time, meaning within 24 to 48 hours after they express interest. The companies offering these leads will usually tell you that they offer real time leads so you can get in contact with them while their interest is fresh. If you are looking to purchase the best carpet cleaning leads, for example, you will want to make sure you get the best for your money. When you are first trying to develop your downline, the more leads you have the better. So the companies offering to deliver a greater number of highly qualified leads for the lowest price will usually work to your benefit.

You will want to make sure your commercial cleaning leads come with basic information like a phone number and e-mail address as well as more descriptive information like how much they are willing to invest and the best time to contact the lead. Your lead generation company should leads give you complete contact information of your prospect so that you have several options in contacting your potential client.

A lot of your particular response rate will depend on your own sales pitch and your ability to know how to approach each of your janitorial leads, which will improve with time and practice.

In order to get cleaning service leads of good quality, you can use a combination of e-mail marketing letters, phone scripts, a website, flash presentations, and more. These marketing tools and strategies will surely help you effectively reach and contact your leads and nurture them for closing.



The Secrets To Sales Lead Generation Online

Generating a sales lead is a fundamental part of sales lead generation. A sales lead is not yet a sale. It is purely an indication that a potential customer has expressed an interest in your product. You now need to set about convincing them that you are the right business for them to buy from and that you will solve their problems.Most companies that buy in sales leads typically tend to approach a potential customer by selling to them. This is will not work in 99.9% of the time. The golden rule is to ensure you give value first then offer the lead an opportunity to think things over, then re approach them and offer them something of value to buy from you.

Remember that price is not everything. If you offer services, reviews, help and advice that your competitor doesn’t then you need to make this clear to your customer. A great way to do this is to offer your sales lead a special report. This report will contain all the vital information about buying from you and also give them plenty of practical and helpful advice about what to look for, what to choose, and how to get the best out of the product.

The simple way to write a special report is to write down five things that are unique about your product or service. You can then expand on this by adding some general observations about what your competitors are not doing and you are. Once you have this complete you will need to decide on a title. I would recommend naming the report “Five Secrets To….” This type of title gets the interest of the visitor and is likely that they will take action and sign up for your report.  Simple. You now just have developed your own sales lead!

This method warms the sales lead up from just a lead to a probable sale. With technology today it is simple to put this entire business lead generation process on autopilot using an auto responder. The auto responder will send out messages or reports in the order you select without you lifting a finger 24/7 365 days a year.

You want to look professional in the eyes of your potential sales lead so need should invest in one of the many auto responder services there are on the market. There are those that are cheap and deliver messages promptly and professionally. They also allow you to add custom fields to collect more data about you sales lead on the name capture page that you need to create for your website.

How does your website currently generate sales leads? Chances are you have a simple contact us or request for more information form that you get visitors to use. If you are using this you need to change the way you capture data to ensure your website generates the right type of sales leads you need.

It is vital that you place your lead generation services form on the main page of entry; this is usually your index or home page. By doing this you are filtering the visitors to see their level of interest. We want to find the visitors who are interested in learning more about us, our product and how we can help them. If we do not capture their attention then we know that they will visit another site, as we have not satisfied their needs.

Business lead generation is a cost effective way to improve your website and turn your business into a 24 hour marketing machine for your business. Use auto responders to capture full sets of visitor data to ensure your online sales lead generation is high profitable and successful.

The best thing about this method is that whilst it might take some time to set up the auto responder, write the report and convert it to a pdf, it will work for you forever developing sales leads into sales using this simple yet powerful tactic for your lead generation campaigns.