15 Australian Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

15 Australian Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

Entrepreneurs are eager beavers when it comes right down to absorbing as much information as their journals and idea books can handle. For businesses in Australia, it really pays to pay attention to those blogs and websites offering an ample amount of relevant information.

For sure, blogs are still a driving force in generating quality leads for enterprises across various industries, and Australian businesses need to make a big deal out of this. B2B businesses, in fact, spend most of their time blogging or seeking blogs that offer something new to the table.

Apparently, only a few of these blogs really do stand out from a sea of rehashed content and bad links. These blogs are excellent in their own right, which makes, even more, sense to follow them on the dot. Who knows? Maybe you’ll consider having a beer with the masterminds behind these stellar blogs.

1. The Bank Doctor

The Bank Doctor

Let’s start off the list with one such website that specializes in the finance and banking industries. The Bank Doctor is certainly your go-to place for anything related to insurance, jumpstarting a business, or buying the right solutions to financing in general.

2. Market Economics

Market Economics

Want you to fill with industry insights and market performances? Market Economics is one such blog that offers a wide range of information on local and global business trends. The articles published on this blog will certainly help you face certain problems ahead.

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3. Wattsnext


Personnel management and recruitment can be tricky to up and coming business enterprises. Luckily, Wattsnext maintains a blog that gives a lot of information about crucial human resources concerns and issues.

4. The Story of Telling

the story of telling

More than just marketing platforms, blogs also focus on bridging the gaps between organizations and their target audiences. The Story of Telling highlights this in all of its content, focusing mainly on helping businesses improve their branding through sentimental articles and web page design that has the word “intimacy” written all over it.

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5. ECommerce Blog


Want the latest tips in digital marketing? Look no further than ECommerce Blog. The site offers a wide range of knowledge that specifically focuses on improving the digital presence of the business, from conceptualization right down to implementation.

6. Copywrite Matters


No doubt that copywriting is an essential activity in marketing. And this has justified Copywriter Matters’ existence as a blog that touches on making advertisements that resonate with one’s audience.

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7. Bluewire Media

bluewire media

If reading isn’t your thing, then you might find the podcasts on Bluewire Media appealing. From content marketing to grow your mailing list, the blog is an essential way for you to make the most out of your online presence.

8. Socially Sorted

socially sorted

Another important source of all things copywriting and (more importantly) social media, Socially Sorted is basically your best choice for increasing your clout, whether it be via Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

9. Safety at Work

safety at work

When it comes right down to securing safer working environments to employees, Safety at Work is one such blog that has everything. From news and commentary on workplace safety to analysis of current trends in working environments across Australia, this blog keeps you updated on what you need to secure better working conditions for your beloved employees.

10. Naomi Simson

naomi simson

Being an influencer has its perks. For Naomi Simson, however, it is an opportunity to share important business advice. Ever since she started Red Balloon with just a startup of $25,000, Simson has become the business world’s most sought-after gurus on success.

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11. Coping with Jane

coping with jane

Another noteworthy Australian influencer, Jane Copeland has some pieces of advice that you need to expand your brand’s influence and make it reach the top of your industry.

12. Design School

design school

Want to keep your creative juices flowing? The Design School blog is here to provide important tidbits that can help your content stir some imagination in your audience. Check out the tutorials on how to make graphics that are sure to catch the attention of the right people.

13. Hungry Australian

hungry australian

Australian’s love food, which is the reason why Christina Soong maintains a blog that offers recipes. On top of that, she writes topics on how to handle small businesses with finesse, which is something that entrepreneurs should always aim for.

14. Flying Solo

flying solo

What does it take to become an Australian blogger? Flying Solo answers these questions by becoming an important content curating platform for a variety of industries.

15. Valerie Khoo

valerie khoo

We just can’t get enough of bloggers! Valerie Khoo is especially one of those darlings of the Australian blogosphere that has her eye on the aesthetic side of the business. Being a writer and an artist herself, she crafts articles that tell a lot of about translating ideas and passions into profitable ventures.

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