Make your Calls-to-Action Irresistible: 5 Crucial Elements

Make your Calls-to-Action Irresistible: 5 Crucial Elements

Your lead generation effort is like trying to get people to go into your store. You put up signs, you display wonderful stuff by the window, you give out flyers to passersby, or you hire jugglers and violinists to attract attention. Whatever works.

But that’s just the beginning part. The real action happens when people actually come in through the door, into your store.

On a webpage, online marketers can put a lot of dazzling elements to make it pleasing to eye, but without an effective call-to-action, none of that would matter. It’s the ‘door’ that leads to opening up opportunities for a sale.

That’s why CTAs need to be irresistible. And to achieve that, consider these 5 elements that need to be present, as proposed by Craig Simpson, owner of an Oregon-based direct marketing firm and a respected thought leader:

1. Make sure you actually have a call to action

This element is perhaps the most important: you have to make sure there actually is some kind of offer and call to action in the piece.

We may think we’re so fascinating that all we have to do is introduce ourselves, and folks will come running, begging us to tell them more. But it doesn’t work that way. People will not take the time to figure out on their own what you want them to do.

2. Give clear instructions with limited options

Marketing research shows that prospects buy more when their choices are limited. So have just one or two product offers to choose from, and give very simple ordering instructions: “Call, Order on line, or Mail/fax the attached order form.”

Make sure you always include a simple offer with a clear call to action, and use strong action words: Buy, Call, Act Now! This will motivate prospects to respond.

3. Present a time limit

Even if we like a product, and think we might order, the tendency is to think, “I’ll do it later.” And then later never comes. You can help overcome that reluctance to pull the trigger by making your offer time sensitive. Prospects must respond by a certain date or the offer will be void, or they will miss out on some add-on bonus. A variant of this is to say that quantities are limited and it’s first-come, first served.

4. Offer a bonus

A powerful offer is boosted by the addition of a bonus item. If prospects order from this offer they will receive a gift, like a free report, a CD, a coaching session – whatever you feel will add value in the eyes of your prospects.

A bonus tied to a time limit can be especially effective. Make it clear that the bonus will only be available for a limited time, or while supplies last.

5. Appropriate to your purpose

Finally, the bonus that works best for you is the one that is most appropriate to the aim and audience of the sales piece. Ask yourself what you’re trying to accomplish, and design your offer around that goal.

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