3 Ways to Grow Your Software Marketing List With Zero Effort

3 Ways to Grow Your Software Marketing List With Zero Effort

Let’s face it, your email marketing list is 20% outdated every year. For reasons such as; 

  • Most IT Managers transfer from one company to another, which means their email changes.  
  • Company is growing so new employees are filling in the new positions
  • New decision makers because employees leave the company and new /other employees replaced them.
  • Companies move from one location to another.

For a software company, the sales process is longer. The 4 stages of the prospect’s buying cycle includes;

Stage 1. Evaluation of the company’s software

Stage 2. Evaluation of the software that is available in the market.

Stage 3. Choosing the right software that would fit the company’s needs.

Stage 4. Implementation of the new software.

With that being said, as a marketer, it is important that all of the information in your database is updated. At the same time, you should continually add fresh contacts in order to keep your numbers up.

Let me tell you why.

As a software company, It takes years before you can close a deal. Having an updated marketing database lets you and your team focus on more important tasks that are necessary for the growth of your business. Tasks such as;

  • Product development
  • Develop new marketing techniques to reach out and engage with your prospects.
  • Enhance your software and add new features that will benefit your customer.

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As given in the statements above, it is only right to say that we need an accurate marketing data and not only that, we have to ensure that its volume does not stay stagnant.

Here are the 3 ways to grow your marketing database:

1. Downloadable contents, PDF Checklist, Ebooks, and Infographics are lead magnets.

Have your readers provide you their information by giving them something valuable in return.

Tip: Just make sure to limit the information needed in order to sign up. Make sure to include important information such as; complete name, email and job title.

2. Consider an outsourced list building team.

Companies who specialize in list building have resources to do their job well. They already have a proven process from online research to call profiling that provides a higher data quality.

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3. Websites that offer marketing list.

The quality of your database will determine the success of your lead generation campaign. That is why many marketers and business owners refused to buy a list because they cannot rely on its quality. But there are many legit companies that provide a reliable marketing list. You just have to learn to know who to trust.

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Here are some tips when buying a marketing list.

  • Get a referral from a friend or a colleague.
  • Ask for the company’s clients
  • Check their success stories

You’ll get the better result if you clear off your plate and you let the professionals do the work for you. Delegating tasks and freeing yourself up to work on more high-level tasks allows you to think for better ways on how to generate more sales and get higher ROI.