B2B Tip of the Week : Use Data Profiling for DNC Compliance in Australia

B2B Tip of the Week - Use Data Profiling for DNC Compliance in Australia

This year and beyond, B2B companies in Australia will have to live under the strict regulations of the Australian Communications and Media Authority as new inclusions in the Do Not Call Register Act of 2006 have been officially implemented early this year, dramatically limiting the lead generation telemarketing efforts of these companies.

The new amendments include permanent untouchability to anyone wanting to opt out of telemarketing calls. ‘This means that the more than 10 million numbers currently on the Register will never need re-registering,’ said ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman in a press release posted on the agency’s website.

He added, ‘For anyone wanting to opt out of unsolicited telemarketing calls and marketing faxes long term, any new registrations will also be valid permanently.’

This, however, does not entirely mean the end of B2B telemarketing in Australia. In reality, the new regulations indicate a need to outline DNC compliance. One approach is to use data profiling for making necessary precautions and avoiding complaints.

A partner in building effective lists

The ACMA requires businesses engaged in telemarketing to present their contact lists and compare against current DNC files. To make sure none of your contacts are included in ACMA’s database of restricted contacts, you can verify names, addresses, and telephone numbers effectively. This will avoid possible lapses that may lead to violations and eventual penalties.

Ensuring your lists contains legitimate contacts

As mentioned by Chapman, there are around 10 million telephone numbers currently in the DNC registry. The chances of having one of them in your contact list is extremely high, so you are always hard pressed to second guess every lead that comes your way. You can use client research to scrub your lists of any names and contact numbers considered off-limits to your telemarketers.

Choosing and using the best software

Software products now come with features allowing marketers to effectively filter out unwanted targets. The choice of a sophisticated auto-dialer can provide advantages as well, especially if your choice of brand allows you to review a contact’s profile and other pertinent information about it while the call is being placed.

Prioritize inbound calling

Inbound campaigns offer safer ground for businesses that need to increase their bulk of high-quality B2B leads. Maximizing this area means structuring relevant web and social media content to resonate well with current trends. Using data profiling, you are able to identify audience pain points and create content in line with their current needs and preferences. This allows you to discover contacts not yet in ACMa’s list.

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