Expanding your B2B Email Marketing List? Try these 3 Creative Ways

Australian map design with emails

The most important component of any sustainable email-based B2B lead generation campaign is email list expansion. That’s because no matter how superb your content is or irresistible your subject line sounds, none of it would matter if your list is not optimal in quality and quantity.

And since most email lists shrink by an average of 30% every year, expanding your email should not be a one-time effort, but an ongoing one. Sometimes, the most effective ways to generate a list are those which are the easiest. You have to learn to turn every opportunity into something productive.

Here are 3 creative ways to grow your email list:

1. Mobile apps. A lot of people rely on their smartphones and tablets to instantly retrieve information they want: directions, weather updates, recipes, trivia or any other stuff that’s readily available and won’t have to require them to boot a laptop or PC.

As a business you can also leverage mobile apps to cater to the needs of people. What’s important is for you to know what information they need, so you could have them opt-in for a subscription, thus expanding your list for newsletters, promotions and other marketing content.

2. QR codes. Some restaurants and bars offer free drinks when people sign up to their e-newsletter by scanning a QR code posted on the wall, sometimes even inside restrooms. While usage rates for QR codes are relatively slow, it’s still being used as a means for customers to opt in even in the physical world.

Online, QR codes of course facilitate the lead generation process by doing prospects away with filling out lengthy forms. It’s the thing of the future, and sooner or later it’s going to be a huge part of the commercial industry.

3. Online contests. Believe it or not, there are people who find it hard to resist joining contests. So whenever you would host one, there will be participants for sure. On top of that, offer a really interesting and business-valuable prize so that even those who are not much of contest fans would also be swayed to take a crack at it.

When people are interested in getting the prize or the concept of the contest itself, it should be easy for you to have them disclose their email addresses to join.