Marketing Automation with a Human Touch

Callbox Live Events are finally back!

After two years of having to put it on hiatus, we will have our first live event again. 

We often emphasize the importance of incorporating automation into your lead generation strategies, and this time we want to take it even further. As your customers should always be at the forefront, it’s also important to remember that they are human, and so our automation strategies should also have a Human Touch to them. 

This May 26, join us as our very own Director of Sales, Gary Sia, and Senior Client Success Manager, Zaira Musngi as they discuss all the different ways you can effectively and strategically merge human and tech elements in order to level up your automation strategy to a larger scale that enables you to properly put your customer at the center. 

Major Key Takeaways for you:

  • Learning how to utilize automation successfully by sending strategically timed messages that nurture your leads without alienating them. 
  • Creating actionable sales and marketing automation tips ready to immediately implement.
  • Creating buying experiences that will put your prospects in the center

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