Four Absolutely Simple Lead Generation Strategies For Your AU Business

4 Absolutely Simple Lead Generation Strategies For Your AU Business

When it comes to business to business lead generation, there are plenty of tactics and marketing ploys that always promise a ten-fold return in qualified sales leads. Though a lot of them may indeed be as effective as their creators claim to be, they are also quite often expensive and exceptionally elaborate, requiring an understanding of complex statistics and skills that not everyone possesses. Instead of racking your brain over which of those sophisticated lead generation strategies you should employ for your Australian lead generation campaign, why not try out these simpler marketing strategies first so you can start on generating qualified b2b leads straight away.

  1. Be generous with freebies – There is nothing more enticing to a potential customer than a free trial of the product or service that they plan to purchase. It’s the best way for them to gauge how effective an offer is in solving their problem, and a sure way for you to build up your lead generation list.
  2.  Encourage referrals – In conjunction with the above strategy, you can significantly increase your number of Australian subscribers (andleads) by giving free trials or special awards as incentives to those who refer your business to their acquaintances.
  3.  Utilize your FAQs – When it comes to online b2b lead generation, most (if not all) visitors to your site are brought there by “how to” or “why” search engine queries. To make the most of thisl ead generation method, build up an index of FAQs that pertain to your product, service, or line of business and optimize this for search engines so that the next time your business leads ask a question, you (or your website) will be there to answer them. Don’t forget to add a clear call-to-action to ensure that you capture your website visitors.
  4.  Outsource b2b telemarketers – Actively seeking out potential customers is a great way to ensure a steady stream of business sales leads for your inside sales representatives to convert.

Note: Telemarketing is more effective and best done by a professional telemarketer who is experienced in dealing with business to business lead generation, ensuring that your leads are always handled respectfully and appropriately.

If you don’t have the time and experience to train a good telemarketer, then outsourcing is the way to go. No matter what type of industry or niche your Australian business is involved in, the above simple strategies for lead generation are sure to help you generate quality business leads without the need for expensive and complicated marketing campaigns.