4 Steps to Successful Inbound Lead Generation for Financial Sector

4 Steps to Successful Inbound Lead Generation for Financial Sectors

Many marketers, not only in the financial sector but from different industries, are doing both outbound and inbound marketing to generate leads for their business.

An article from Forbes mentioned that internet engagement is considered the new trend in the financial industry. Nowadays, the millennial are more open to investments but would want for financial advisors to connect with them online – social media, blogging, etc.

An effective marketing campaign can generate quality leads and ROI. However, if you are into financial sector and your lead generation campaign is struggling to deliver as expected, here are the 4 easy steps to revamp your inbound lead generation campaign.

STEP #1: Re-establish your ideal customer.

By re-evaluating your customers you’ll be able to identify your best customers and focus on targeting the ones that are best fit for your business.

Evaluate the following:

  • Which from your customers can benefit more from your business?
  • Know their behavior – their likes and dislikes.
  • What platform or channel of communication do they usually use?

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STEP #2: Decide how much of the company’s total revenue should come from your inbound marketing.

As part of your marketing strategies, you should identify how many percent of your company’s total revenue your inbound marketing campaign is responsible for. By doing so, you’ll be able to identify how much budget and effort should be spent on it that can help them reach their target.

STEP #3: Define your target figure.

When defining your target, make sure to set a realistic goal.

What to consider when setting a goal?

  • Which type of customers do I want more moving forward?
  • What is the value of my products or services to my customers?  
  • Which of my products and services are fit for my customers?

TIP: Consider the length of your customer’s sales cycle in order to hit your target on time.

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STEP #4: Align your sales and marketing team

Identify the responsibilities of each team. For example:

Marketing team to do the following:

  • Attract customers through content distribution and blogging.
  • Promote contents or blogs on social media and turn followers into leads.
  • Convert them into leads by gathering information through forms, CTAs and landing pages.
  • Submit these leads to the sales department

Upon receiving these leads, the sales team will:

  • Follow up these prospects through email or call
  • Build a relationship and nurture these prospects until they’ve reached the final stage of their buying process.

Winter is here. Many businesses in Australia including the financial sector are expecting a drop in sales during these months. So, what are your lead generation goals for the remaining months of the year?