5 Important Things Everyone Should Know About Lead Generation


5 Important Things Everyone Should Know About Lead Generation_DONEHere are five important things to know before you start a campaign to generate AU sales leads.

1. It’s not about building long lists. Your business contact database or telemarketing list isn’t a national phone book and shouldn’t include every Tom, Dick and Harry in Australia. Particularly in the business to business sector, making sure that you have established connections with the right project executive will help the sales conversion run more smoothly.

2. Make sure that you’re providing value while you sell will help you rule out the masses of visitors and leads that are only interested in getting a freebie. Whenever you write a sales pitch or product description, state clearly that you are selling your product or service so that the you need not go through CTA forms that are otherwise cold leads.

3. The best lead generation campaigns can take time before delivering the desired results, but they get better along the way. If you decide to hire a lead generation company, be prepared to spend some time with them developing your campaign to match your company’s specific needs. Your business is unique so don’t expect a one-size-fits-all campaign to work for you.

4. Make the most of all available methods to generate qualified sales leads. Do not be afraid to experiment with telemarketing and email blast campaign. Cheap does not mean ineffective when it comes to finding quality b2b leads, it means getting a better chance of higher income.

5. The more help you have, the better your success rate will be. BPO companies gained popularity in lead generation because they provided a means of getting more work done at a cheaper price. Instead of having only one or two lead generation campaigns that you can carefully monitor, hire a reliable BPO company to help you launch ten or more campaigns and you’ll be better at winning against your competitors.