Save Time (and Money) By Automating Your Emails and Marketing Tasks


The majority of marketing activities are extraordinarily time-consuming and also expensive. Creating emails, custom content, lead generation, and social media offers can’t be rushed without sacrificing the outcome. Fortunately, most of these daily marketing tasks can be automated. With the rapid advances in AI technologies, which seem to imply that it is not optional anymore, marketing automation is now considered a pillar of modern marketing.

However, it should be noted that not all content marketing tasks can be automated. Because software won’t be a substitute for humans for creating an insightful blog post regardless of how far AI progress go. Nevertheless, if automation is possible, then it should be done. The key to profitability is efficiency, and marketing automation is as efficient as anyone can get.

Here are some marketing activities that can be automated and set.

Marketing emails

Emails help receive and follow up on leads and also assist prospects through the sales up to the after-sales process. However, data reveals that companies are giving away too much time making emails. Over 68 percent of companies are taking a week or more to produce an email, with most companies producing one to five emails at any given time.

That further proves that a lot of time is spent only on email. Imagine if marketers will send out several emails in a month, with weeks adding up so fast. That means that they are spending too much time on an email, which leaves less time for other equally or more critical tasks or processes.

That is where automation steps in

To save the company precious time and money. Because automation frees up the time regarding typing and sending out emails, automation software can be used for checking. MailChimp and BuzzBuilder Pro are a great example of this.

MailChimp allows the storage of contacts at a time, segment and A/B test them. Campaigns can also be created, which may be saved for later use. It also enables the scheduling of email-to-send times for optimal open and click-through rates. This automation has features that allow set up of complex workflows that are based on triggers, letting the customers get the right email at the right time. BuzzBuilder Pro helps speed up and automate list building to assist in crafting personalized emails and connect with a LinkedIn account to follow up.

Automate content promotion

A great content is unparalleled regarding driving new leads or traffic. That is why content promotion is crucial in the growth of a business. However, having an impressive content alone won’t help. It needs to be promoted.

The majority of marketers are already using social platforms such as Twitter or Facebook to present their content, which is an excellent way of generating more leads, although it will require a considerable amount of time. Studies show that most marketers are spending one to ten hours a week on social media. However, composing posts and tweets can be a tedious job that doesn’t always provide a perfect ROI. That’s the reason why these processes should be automated.

Keep an eye on CRM with modern routing

There are a lot of marketing automation solutions available that support advanced CRM routing. Among these is HubSpot, which provides a free CRM to help the company organize and track customers. With HubSpot, interactions can automatically be tracked since it collates data regarding every deal,  all in one dashboard to enable mapping out of every customer journey. This dashboard lets teams sort out the lost or won contracts while monitoring the performance goals. The CRM of HubSpot tracks emails, calls, and meetings for every customer, as it builds personalized paths to purchase. It also provides landing pages, blogging, email, SEO ads, lead management, integrations, analytics, and more.

Takeaway: Marketing tasks take up a lot of time and money unless they are automated. Automation is profitable, comfortable, and efficient. An increasing number of marketers are doing it not only because it works, but also helps them a great deal. When there’s a need to streamline lead generation, scoring, and nurturing – automate. To enhance customer retention, measurement, and ROI – automate. No person would ever choose to spend weeks making reports on complex metrics such as ROI. With automated analytics, rest assured that there won’t be any costly mistake.